Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thomas Dunn Studios

It takes a village to become Mrs. International, maybe a small nation. For me it was a small, but mighty country of family, friends, experts and even critics who aided me. And throughout this year I hope to shed light on areas where I felt help was critical. One of those areas concerned my face and hair. Yes, technically those are two areas, but one big issue for me.

Sure I could have done my own hair and make-up during the Mrs. International week…but then again, have you seen the ladies in my class? I needed help. And I found it through Thomas Dunn and his beauty crew. I have worked with incredible hair and make-up people over the years and considered each of them. However, I had also watched Thomas Dunn Studios transform ladies the year before at Mrs. International. And as the official hair and make-up sponsor for Mrs. International, they are the only hair and make-up team allowed back-stage. That’s kind of a big deal for me as my hair refuses to cooperate for more than ten minutes when left to my own devices.

Getting ready to see many sites. It was 100 degrees and yet their make-up remained!

With Thomas and Emily as I got ready to head in to interview.

I was even happier with my decision on so many levels during the week of competition. And looking back now, I am even more grateful I was able to be one of their clients. Every one of their stylists in their ready room is talented AND upbeat. I prefer maintaining my positive attitude and don’t care to be around stress or drama in situations where I need to be mentally on my toes. Plus, it gave us contestants a chance to hang out as we got prettied up. It was bonding time. Even at 5am, the environment was friendly, funny and relaxing. Plus TDS spent time in rehearsals to see us and the lighting on stage so they could get a feel for how we looked our best up there.

Keep in mind; you are photographed throughout the week. Judges see you in these pictures. Camera-ready hair and make-up is important.

With the beautiful Dr. Alicia Almendral at the dignitaries meet and greet.

A couple of ladies have asked me how scheduling is handled. It is like a well-oiled machine. We would slip in and out of rehearsals and get the transformations started. They would then rotate us back through to finish it up. Just before the shows and during the shows, they would continue to primp us. I can only imagine the hairspray film on the walls at the end of that week!

Some of the TDS staff backstage.

Can you see the look of love for Thomas on my face?

Thomas, Drew, Emily, Janice and everyone else from TDS all had a hand in making me look and feel wonderful. I won photogenic and became Mrs. International with their help. Since then, I have been able to spend more time with them. Without a doubt, I can tell you how committed they are to what they do. After all, they will be spending two weeks pulling 20-hour days during Mrs., Miss and Miss Teen International this summer. And I just love them so much and miss them just the same. WHY oh WHY cannot they not live near me?

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International

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