Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dove Real Beauty Campaign Part 2

I was so honored to be invited back To Highland Elementary to take part in another Dove Real Beauty Campaign! This time the girls watched a video about the in depth photo shopping that takes place on magazine covers. They had a detailed conversation about how different the girl looked before and after and all of the girls agreed that they had no idea that photo shopping could be taken to that extreme!

The girls wanted to take a silly photo!

Next the girls watched another video where best friends were asked what they liked about themselves… Their lists were so small, yet when asked what they liked about their friends, the lists went on and on. It showed the girls that sometimes you are your toughest critic, and how other people can see all of the goodness in you!

I was then able to speak about my journey and how I found self-esteem. I really wanted to stress the importance of accomplishments giving you value and self-esteem versus how you look. Afterwards I was able to sign autographs for the girls!

Thank you so much for having me Highland!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014

Cruise Part 2

Day 5 in St. John’s, Antigua was one for the books! My family and I went to Stingray City to swim with stingrays! These creatures are surprisingly lovable and actually snuggle up to humans when in the water. Our favorite ray was named Freckles; he stayed and played with us for about fifteen minutes! It was really neat having close contact with them after learning about them in my Marine Biology class this year. If you ever have a chance to swim with these awesome marine creatures I definitely recommend it!

We went to my favorite island on Day 6- St. Martin/St. Maarten! This island is half Dutch and half French. The beaches were breathtaking and the shopping was awesome! I would love to go stay on this island in the future. We spent the day with our new friends that we met from Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska!

Our friends and the Yeti!

The last port city was in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. It was bittersweet knowing it was our last day in paradise. We enjoyed the beach and spent time with our friends before having to say bye. I really enjoy reading, and I finished the book I had started at the beginning of the trip!

My last spring break with my family is one I will always remember! I was blessed to have been able to take my Miss Teen International title out of the USA to such amazing destinations!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014

Friday, April 24, 2015

Creating Your Red Carpet Gala Gift

One of the fun activities we get to do as a Mrs. International contestant is create an auction gift for the Red Carpet Gala Thursday night. The Red Carpet gala itself is an opportunity to meet and greet the city of Jacksonville leaders and officials and enjoy a gala with your sisters.

One of my favorite parts is seeing everyone’s auction gifts from around the world. A question that usually comes up is what to include.

It is does not have to be huge or outrageously expensive, but my personal opinion is that it should on some level be a reflection of you. A reminder that proceeds benefit a local Jacksonville charity. Do make sure to take time, and put thought in to it so it’s something people want to bid on to raise funds.

Throughout the year traveling and attending different events, I kept the gala gift in my mind so it could also be a reflection of the year as Mrs. Great Plains International 2014, my platform and people I had the opportunity to meet.

Some of my favorite I have seen are weekend away packages, wine packages are always a hit and of course jewelry!

Most importantly have fun with it and make sure it is something you can travel with or ship ahead of time. Since I was able to drive to Jacksonville, a larger basket was possible.

I loved my Sherri Hill Dress for the gala from Competitive Image! Photo by Paula Preston

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pageant Week Diet

Hello My gorgeous International sisters, I have been getting a lot of questions about what kinds of food to expect during pageant week. I know a lot of ladies have dietary restrictions or are on a specific diet just for the pageant. (Do you have your perfect plate ready for nationals?)

I went to a grocery store in Jacksonville and purchased items for my room that would last for the week and still fit into a healthy diet! I bought, protein bars, water, bananas, oranges, popcorn and of course, you all know how I feel about skinny cow chocolates! 

The food you will generously be provided by the pageant varies by day, but almost every meal included a salad and a lean protein! You will have the opportunity to pick and choose from the items offered at mealtimes. I know on several occasions I opted for just the protein or just the salad, depending on my mood and what I could fit into my perfect plate!

I do suggest keeping a small emergency snack in your travel back with you at all times! You never know when hunger will strike!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cruising - Part 1

My family has an annual tradition of going on a trip for spring break, and this year we went to the Caribbean! We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico to board Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Sea. We spent our first day exploring the ship and catching some rays on deck by the pool. We also met our fabulous servers that we would have at dinner each night- Binu and Noberto. They took care of us all week and made sure we were full and happy each day!

We started Day 2 with a fun yoga class at the Ship Shape Center! It was a little tricky trying to balance while the boat was rocking, but it was a great workout. We also took a class to learn how to make the towel animals that the cleaning service puts in each room. Check out the video below to see me learn how to make an elephant!

Day 3 was the first day on an island- our port was in Bridgetown, Barbados. Some of our family friends were also on the island, so we met up for a catamaran cruise. I got to snorkel at a shipwreck site and with giant sea turtles. It sprinkled a little that day but the locals told us that there isn't rain in Barbados, just liquid sunshine!

Our port city for Day 4 was Castries, St. Lucia! This beach day was filled with fun. I was lost in a good book when I looked up and saw something covered in plants and flags. As it got closer I realized it was a little boat filled with fresh island produce! I have never tasted such yummy grapefruit, mangos, coconuts and sugarcane. This was one of the best nights on the ship- we had a huge dance party on deck and a midnight buffet. Anyone that knows me knows that I loveeeee to dance, so this was a great evening!

Brought my selfie stick to the dance party!

Stay tuned to hear about the second half of my trip soon!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Soles4Souls Travel with Mrs. International: Guatemala

“Ma’am, Your plane is leaving right now. We will have to put you on a different flight.”

It was 5 in the morning and I was standing in the airport now wide eyed at the fact my plan to Guatemala was leaving. The next flight out turned out to be the next day, which was unexpected, but turns out a lot of people from all over the US were traveling to Guatemala at that moment. By way of simple human error I mixed up my flight time with boarding time. An overwhelming amount of peace washed over me though as I was leaving the airport driving home to depart one day later.

I simply believe everything happens for a reason. The last time I missed a flight, that one on my original itinerary was stranded in Chicago for 2 days because of weather. If I had actually made it, I’d be stuck with thousands of other travelers. Because of again, simple human error, I had to take another flight and made it back to Omaha even earlier than my original flight. I was meant to miss that flight.

Fast Forward to Guatemala 2015 with Soles4Souls, arriving one day later. Upon arrival to our destination in Chiqumala (pronounced Chic-e-moola) since we missed one day, we started connecting with other locations we could distribute to in Guatemala. One of those turned out to be a hospital in Antigua.

The Soles4Souls Guatemala trip was my 5th International shoe distribution trip with Soles4Souls and Haiti has by far been my favorite because the need there is so great. But something happened in Guatemala that I am still sorting through my mind and heart.

The hospital in Antigua primarily serves people with special needs. Many of them abandoned, all ages, most bound to a wheelchair or bed for the rest of their life. After delivering the shoes, we toured the hospital and each age/gender group as they are all separated. Medial teams fly in each week from around the world to help serve this hospital. Even with the help of the medial teams, the hospital is grossly understaffed with one person for every 5 to 8 people. A normal ratio is 1 staff to 2 people. We were limited on the photos we could take in the facility, but what I was saw just rocked me to the core, so much love was missing from the lives of the patients. The hospital was nice for a foreign country and they were absolutely doing the best they could with the resources available to them with only 20% of their funding coming from the government. To help make their program better for patients, nurses also clean, cook, do laundry, you name it.

Rosalinda (on the left) has been in the hospitals care for 15 years, Wendy for 25 years.

We walked in to the children’s room. Many deemed nearly vegetables and largely unresponsive to the world around them. I put my hand on the first little girl as she lay in her “crib” and saw a smile go across her face. Child by child, each responded to my touch as I held their hands or laid my hand on their hearts. Each heart beating just as strong as any of us, full of life. Some responded with a smile, or grasped my hand. Walking through the room seeing each child I could not hold back the tears anymore. One young man Bryon held on to my hand so tight and would not let me go. The rest of the group continued the tour and I stayed with him. Finally a point came I had to leave and as his fingers slipped away from my mine, I haven’t stopped thinking about him since. Those kids were each responding, in need of much love, but by no fault of their own will likely spend the rest of their days in a large crib staring at block walls unaware of time or what day it is.

One of the patients who spends everyday in bed, except to got out once or twice a day to be taken to the restroom, fed, bathed or secured to a chair outside for a short period of time.

If the Tuesday March 24th departure from Omaha to Guatemala had actually happened, I would have never met Noel, or Rosalinda, or any of the others I was able to give love that day. I was meant to miss my flight.

We had a great team from all over the United States and Canada. I would especially like to thank Cindy Werlinger who competed for Mrs. North Dakota International last November, Kayla Hooty who reads all of our International Pageant blogs (thanks Kayla!), Allen Perry who is a friends son and Ryan Onstad a local friend from our church. It was amazing to see these trips change each person life as we connected with hundreds of children across Guatemala through the simple gift of shoes.

I would really like to thank the International Pageants that have been helping to collect shoes at their pageants or send in shoes, all of you fill my heart with SO much joy. Thank you to the moon and back!

Here are some highlights from the trip!

Highlights from the distributions of our team at work and the happy kids after getting their shoes from Soles4Souls!

Rosella was saved as a baby (top photo) from a “chop house” which people abduct children to take their vital organs and resell on the black market. She was taken to an orphanage where she has been since and it was so neat seeing how happy she was AND try on the crown!

We did a fun team outing and we made chocolate from scratch! It was absolutely amazing to see the process and even make our own chocolate. Everyone loved it!

Hope to see YOU on the next trip to help wear out poverty, give shoes and give love! To see the full list of trips from Soles4Souls, visit this link :

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Backstage Necessities!

With the pageant fast approaching, I know many of you are getting together your backstage bags prepped and ready to go! I wanted to share with you some of the things I keep as a must backstage!


-Band-Aids (Blister ones, for fingers, toes and heels)

-Bronzer (Last minute applications or touch ups)


- Candy (something with sugar as a pick me up if I am having low energy)

-small hand held steamer (In case my dress needs it)

-protein bars

-toothbrush and toothpaste (In case I eat and needs to make my teeth shiny again)

-body spray (It can get pretty smelly backstage with a bunch of ladies and hot stage lights)

My backstage kit is pretty simple, because my Hair and Makeup is already done. I do recommend Booking Thomas and Drew Dunn early before they book up. They will be the only ones allowed backstage during the pageant and are also very helpful when it comes to last minute tips and tricks. If you are doing your own hair and make-up, please bring everything with you backstage because you will not get a chance to run back to the hotel and get it later.

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014

Fun Fashion - Fierce or Funky

Let’s chat about one of the most fun phases of competition… Fun Fashion of course! The purpose of this phase is to showcase the contestants’ energy, personality, sense of style, and modeling skills. However, it can and has been detrimental to many contestants’ scores before. There are several reasons why!

Let’s first talk about the wardrobe selection. Think about evening gown. Although there are lots of different styles, designs, and options, overall the contestants have a somewhat similar look. The same is sort of intended with fun fashion. There is a fine line between being out of the box and crossing the line. If I had to describe the phase in a few words it would be red carpet, runway, and extremely stylish. I have seen some beautiful outfits that reflect a contestant’s culture and heritage, but it typically isn't what is meant by the phase. I would recommend sticking with an edgy, high fashion piece rather than a cultural one. Our system has each contestant register both her fun fashion and gown choice so there are not duplicates onstage.

Now on to the actual competition! Another fine line is established during the modeling part of this phase. I have seen many contestants that just weren't as high energy as they needed to be, but there are also many that just over do it! Sometimes what feels sassy actually looks silly. I highly suggest practicing your walk and poses in a mirror and seeking professional help from Toned To Win’s Chelsea Cooley Altman! A walking coach as talented as Chelsea can make the world of difference in how a girl presents herself on stage. Please practice in advance!!!

Please let me know if you have questions. I want each of you to be prepared, confident, and super fierce during this phase! Fun Fashion shouldn't “make or break” your score. I am pumped to see all of your fabulous wardrobe choices this summer!

My fabulous gown courtesy of the Competitive Image and photo by Paula Preston!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014

Friday, April 10, 2015

Strengthening Your Brand

I am very excited to write this blog, branding is one of my favorite topics of discussion, Brand Recognition.

Your brand is critical and will set you apart. Here are some questions to consider as you prepare for Jacksonville for the Mrs, Miss and Miss Teen International 2015 pageants.
  • How strong is your brand? 
  • Are you integrating your platforms colors into your web presence? Print Media? Wardrobe? Do you have a color? There are a lot of things to take into consideration and to be helpful on your journey! Chelsea Colley Altman with Toned to Win helped me find my power colors and brand color to align with my platform. Susan Botek helped me seamlessly weave that in to my platform page and Joey from Competitive Image in to my wardrobe!
  • Within 15 to 30 seconds of scrolling through your social media, could a judge easily recognize you are an International Pageants titleholder?
  • Within 15 to 30 seconds of scrolling through your social media, could a judge easily recognize your platform?
  • Do you have a photo of you that is your "brand" photo?
  • Do you have marketing material? Business cards? Personalized thank you cards?
  • Does your audience know how they can connect with you through social media across multiple platforms? Logos are great on business cards and autograph cards so they know how to keep up with your International Pageant journey!
For an example, my colors were white and turquoise for print and graphic media and in wardrobe whites and anything in the blue spectrum. I wanted to align with Soles4Souls branding colors and they also worked well with my personality.

Here are a few of the pictures I used from Clay Spann for my branding pieces. To see my platform page, see the previous blog posted on platform pages.

I felt that social media and web presence leading to Mrs. International was one of my greatest assets. It is important to have fully developed brand that is cohesive and when you sit down at that judges table, they already know your face, your platform and what you have accomplished. This allows you time during your interview to talk about you’re your plans are as Mrs. International instead of spending the 5 minutes (which goes verrrryyyyy quick)

Social Media is our window and voice to the world that tells our story. With a few page scrolls, it can tell someone who you are even without meeting you. I always looked at social media like an extended interview and that is whether it is for the pageant or any future ambitions.

Here is an additional article as a resource:

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Texas International Pageants

As many of you know, I was Miss Texas International 2013, before coming back the next year at large as Miss West Coast International 2014. My journey as Miss Texas International shaped so much of who I am today. I learned so much about myself and had the year of my life representing Texas! SO, it should come as no surprise that I was beyond excited to attend the 2015 pageant!

Signing autographs! 

The pageant opened with what seemed like a line from star wars, but re-worded to fit a pageant. It was hysterical. Then all of the gorgeous girls graced the stage in a choreographed dance by none other than the reigning queen.

After the competition was over, but before crowning, Maggi and I were able to take the stage and speak a little bit about our year and our platforms! I was able to speak about my photo going up in Times Square! That will always be one of the most memorable moments of my life!

The national directors were in attendance as well as Suzy Bootz and her husband!

Overall it was a fantastic show and an amazing weekend! I loved going home and feeling all of the love and support from the Texas Ladies!


Ignite your spark,

Miss International 2014
Samantha Riddle

Arkansas International Pageant Workshop

I had so much fun attending the Arkansas Int’l Pageant Workshop! It is so hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since I was crowned Miss Teen Arkansas International. Seeing the contestants that are vying for the titles this year was so exciting!

Here are some of the 2015 Arkansas International contestants!

I know there are many contestants that are just a few weeks out from competing for their state/area/country title, and I want to share some advice with you lovely ladies!

First of all, have fun! Only a few of you will walk away with the crown, but everyone can leave the pageant with a great experience and new friends.

Also, practice makes perfect! In the months leading up to my state pageant as well as the International Pageant I practiced walking in my heels every day, worked on sample interview questions, researched my platform, and worked on my physical fitness. I always set the goal of being a well-rounded, prepared contestant.

Third, begin making appearances with your local title. It is beneficial for judges to see a contestant that is already fulfilling duties similar to that of the new queen. Let them easily envision you as the new titleholder! Volunteering and spreading awareness of the International Pageants are big parts of being one of our state/area/national titleholders.

And last, be confident but stay humble. It is so important to encourage yourself but to not become overconfident at the same time. Always act queenly!

I am looking forward to seeing who else joins the International Pageants Class of 2015! Good luck to everybody competing!

My Arkansas sister queens!

With my mom, Miss Teen International 2013- Haley Pontius, and her mom!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Soles4Souls Spring Fashion Show

One of Soles4Souls partnerships is with BonTon Stores, also known as Younkers, Herbergers, etc. A series of special events are held throughout the year by BonTon to fundraise for Soles4Souls and help support their mission to wear out poverty.

Recently my daughters and I had the pleasure to participate in one of BonTon’s fashion show fundraisers for Soles4Souls in their goal to raise $15,000 in just Nebraska alone. We did two shows in one day at two different locations in Nebraska and other shows were held of the same day throughout the country!

Here are a few fun pictures from the event and thank you to Bon Ton for supporting Soles4Souls efforts!

Fiona and Ellie had such a blast modeling, it is so fun seeing our daughters enjoying events together!

This was one of the 5 looks modeled and voted one of the favorites!

I loved walking hand in hand with Fiona down the runway to close the show, we were two happy ladies.

Some of the Younkers team members and models along with BonTon Special Event coordinator Beth!

To see all of the locations the events were held, visit this link:

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014


California International Pageant 2015

It was such an awesome experience to be able to Judge the Miss and Teen California International Pageant! I had competed in this pageant 3 times, so judging really felt full circle for me. Each and every single girl was so so impressive!

Thank you so much to the California Directors for the hospitality. I received some wonderful judges gifts and had so much fun with my other judges! They did a really great job of picking judges from all different aspects of pageantry and life! It was a great panel!

It was a two day pageant, so the girls had interview on Saturday morning and were able to explain their passions and platforms with each judge and then show off their walk and fashion sense the next day on stage! The reactions of this year’s winners were priceless! I had such a great time!

Congrats Ladies!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Networking and Booking

Even after winning one of our International titles, your schedule for the year is not predetermined. One of the beautiful things about our system is that each queen has the freedom to spend her year how she chooses to. However, this can be a little scary without proper preparation! Here are my biggest pieces of advice in regards to networking to book appearances before and after the International Pageants.

1- Put yourself out there! It can be nerve wracking, and sometimes the answer may be no. However, there are some really great benefits to this. By making a phone call to someone with an organization you want to engage in, you could begin a really awesome network.

2- Work in advance! Don’t try to schedule something a week before because chances are it is not going to happen. Be timely and give the person you are coordinating with plenty of time to organize.

3- Brainstorm events that you would like to be involved in before going to the International Pageants and continue to do so periodically throughout your reign. The judges LOVE to see a lady with a plan!

4- Follow up! Sometimes it takes an additional email or call to get in touch with someone to make an event happen. Please don’t make it excessive, but a second attempt after a generous amount of time is appropriate and encouraged.

5- Stay organized! It can be very helpful keeping a planner either electronically or in hard copy. This avoids over booking and helps you feel less hectic about your events.

6- Always be professional! Make sure you are using an email address that isn't along the lines of, “”. Either your name or your title is very appropriate for an email address.

7- Proof read, proof read, proof read! Nothing looks more unprofessional than simple grammatical errors. If you are unsure of spelling, tense, word use, or punctuation, then Google it!

8- Never be too prideful to seek assistance. Who knows, a colleague of yours might have a connection to something you are interested in. Using your current network to further expand your web of connections is appropriate in most cases.

9- Thank you notes! Nothing shows appreciation more than a hand written, timely note expressing gratitude. This is a great way to keep the door open for future involvement.

Hopefully these tips were helpful! You will begin to notice that your crown and sash definitely help in this process, but hard work is still a must. Get booking, sister queens!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014

Social Media Etiquette

Social Media is such an integrated part of our lives now, just as we put our best foot forward in person; we need to on the internet as well, especially as a titleholder representing International Pageants. Social Media is big, and is not going away…that means neither will anything you’ve ever posted. Even after we delete something, it has already left a cyber footprint.

A general rule of thumb… If you have to ask someone if it something you should post, there is a chance you shouldn’t post it.

Here are a few of my thoughts that are not meant to dictate your social media, but simply as an informational sharing point. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

10. Do be polite! This includes in what forums we cross over to through the internet. Even if we are not gossiping, when we are scouring the internet reading accusations about others, it is like drinking poison for our soul and will bleed in to our thoughts. You know, I have heard about voy boards, but have never once visited one. Steer clear of anything that doesn’t shine light into your life, or on the life of another. There will be people who will seek to put out the lights shining brighter than theirs, don’t let anyone put out your light and don’t try to put out another’s. Post only about others as you would have them post about you!

9. Do look at yourself from an outside perspective. This can be tough, but ask yourself honestly if you were a reputable business, are you someone they would want to hire based on what they see through your posts?

8. Don’t be an energy vampire!!! If you are having a bad day, phone a friend. I understand on occasion we seek prayer for a sick or hurting friend, family member or ourselves, but the obligatory or constant “I’m Sad” or “Feeling Miserable” are not for your wall.

7. Do avoid controversy. This is not just us, we represent the International Pageant system and just like when we are workers for a business, we become an extension of what we represent. Our comments become our character.

6. Do use good grammar. Ok, I’m guilty! I really have to work at this one, but it is important none the less!

5. Don’t tag people in unflattering pictures, or pictures they are not in often…and really think twice about posting it. It happens, we take the best picture of our life and look like a million bucks, but the person or persons in the picture with us unfortunately does not look their best. Bad lighting, bad angle, etc. Considering cropping if you can first as a courtesy to that person. If you still really feel like posting it, do not tag them in it. On the note of tagging people... if the person is in the photo, or a sponsors product like Clay Spann’s makeup, a dress from Competitive Image, Suzy’s book, the perfect plate from Chelsea & AT or hair products from Thomas & Drew, then tag. I do not like to overrun people’s walls with tags of them. Can they control their content if the settings are right, sure, but my opinion is it’s a courtesy to not over tag. What about a thank you post? Go ahead, just be cautious on over tagging. To tag, or not to tag, it’s always the question!

4. Do send someone a great picture you found of them or great information for them to post! I love sharing content with people for them to post, it’s not always about what we post. Can we help others as well? The answer is usually yes. It doesn’t mean we go search on their behalf, but if we are researching in general or see something and know it’s related to a friend’s platform or would be great for a blog post, send it their way. Again, within reason on how sending content.

3. Don’t like your own posts. This can be read wrong a few different ways, but if you are the one generating the post, let the audience engage and do not like it.

2. Don’t take someone else’s post and make it your own. If you are able to share a post and whose social media feed you saw it on, include them in your content. If you are not the originator of the graphic, do not cut out someone else’s name and put yours or your business. There are limitations with sponsors, be mindful of that when posting.

1. Do Keep it classy. There is a difference between classy sexy and trashy sexy. Is it ok to be sexy, absolutely! Sexy does not mean always showing how fantastic a body is with the tightest or outfit, pouring cleavage out of a shirt, short shorts, bikini pictures or backside pics (especially if you are a Mrs.!) This can come in to play as a safety issue as well, there are a lot of online predators. Get your likes from the right audience and keep your reputation intact.

I liked this excerpt from an online cyber safety site: Once posted, always posted. Protect your reputation on social networks. What you post online stays online. Think twice before posting pictures you wouldn’t want your parents or future employers to see. Recent research found that 70% of job recruiters rejected candidates based on information they found online. (

A quick ending note for any Mrs. International contestants with children. Some of you may have noticed I do not post often about my children and that is with intention. The social media account’s are under my name, not theirs and it is with caution for their safety as well. My family is the most important thing to me on this earth and I love them dearly, and it is for that very reason I limit what I post about them. Talk as a family what is best for you as social media progresses.

This is an additional article on Social Media Etiquette I really enjoyed!

Happy Posting and feel free to send any additional questions to be addressed in a future blog!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014


Monday, April 6, 2015

Miss Idaho International Pageant

Recently I was able to attend the Miss Idaho International 2015 Pageant in Nampa, Idaho! I was so happy to be reunited with Blair and Maggie for an entire weekend! Most people don’t realize we don’t get to see each other too often because of our busy schedules! I'm kind of obsessed with both of them, so it was such a memorable weekend for me! The Idaho Director spoiled us with gifts and fun appearances all weekend!

We were able to do a radio interview for 107.9 LITE FM, meet with all of the contestants before their interview, attend rehearsals and then speak at the final pageant! I wore a gown sponsored by The Competitive Image, A 2 piece black and white polka Dot Sherri Hill, of course!

Congratulations to the new 2015 Idaho Titleholders! I cant wait to see you in Jacksonville!

Ignite your Spark!

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014

National School Breakfast Week - Fuel Greatness

It was such an honor to be invited by the Midwest Dairy Council and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance to speak about school breakfast for National School Breakfast Week during Taylor Elementary School’s Fuel Greatness assembly.

Statistics show that only 1 out of every 3 students regularly eats breakfast in the morning. This is so shocking considering the immense benefits that come from a nutritious breakfast!

Consuming the most important meal of the day helps students focus, improves grades and standardized test scores, speeds up metabolism, gives students energy, and helps them feel happier! These are a few of the reasons Fuel Up to Play 60 has so many of our nutrition “Plays” about breakfast.

One of my favorite Plays has been implemented at Taylor Elementary- Breakfast in the Classroom! Each morning when students arrive at school, they have FUTP60 coolers delivered with a tasty, nutritious breakfast. It truly is an ingenious idea! So many students don’t eat breakfast because they don’t want to wake up early, don’t arrive to school on time for breakfast in a cafeteria, or they claim to just “not be hungry”. FUTP60 is overcoming these obstacles and guaranteeing that students start their days with fuel for their bodies.

FUTP60’s spring campaign is Fuel Greatness because it isn't possible for students to achieve the fantastic things they want to without proper fuel in their body. I was able to share about how I fuel up to be my best in school, as a dancer, and as Miss Teen International!

It is so important for people of all ages to fuel his or her greatness each morning with a tasty and healthy breakfast!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International