Just Do It!

Internationals is almost here. Are your nerves building? Do you feel ready to take the stage? If you’re anything like me… you probably are facing a mixture of emotions. Ready, nervous, excited… and atleast a million more. These thoughts can inspire us or cause us to start overthinking. The overthinking causes us to second guess everything we have done and will do. It gives us a glazed look in our eyes that is less than Queenly.

I know this sounds a bit crazy - but just do it.

Don’t overthink this process or your entire experience. Often times contestants start thinking way to much and it makes them miss out on exciting adventures. They live more in the future or self-doubt instead of the moment. That’s not the experience you want! When you make your acceptance speech at the Coronation Ball, you want to look out and see all the friends you made and remember the incredible moments you experienced.

When it’s time for the competition, focus on the task at hand. Stop questioning yourself or wondering if your capable - just do it! Instead of overthinking how it will go or what score the judges will give you… think about the job! If you’re ready for the job, then you’ve been practicing and thinking about what your life would look like as Miss International 2017. Trust your instinct and all your preparations - now is show time. Enjoy each moment and soak it up!

Below are some of my tips to help you get in the zone and just do it!

  • Think about your speech for the Coronation Ball

  • Consider what your first appearance will be once you're crowned

  • Read

  • Listen to music that inspires you

  • Talk with your family about all the fun you’ve had

  • Nap

You ladies are going to rock it at Miss International 2017 - JUST DO IT!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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