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Flying Tips from Miss International

Having spent countless hours in and around airports this year, I have developed a short list to help make your travels to Charleston smooth and easy.

1. Wear your sash and have your autographs cards handy. I have encountered many people in airports who wanted my autograph card. It’s extra special when you happen to be from the same place. They will feel a personal connection and sometimes ask to bring cards home to their children or for their kids to take pictures with you. Be proud!

2. Get to your gate early. If you are the first at the gate with an agent you can put in a request for a seat upgrade. You possibly could be upgraded to first class or at least an exit row with more leg room. 3. Bring a small lap blanket. You’re going to be going for style over comfort when flying to nationals. Also, it’s summertime so you won’t be wearing warm clothes. This combination could leave you freezing with all the cold air blasting through the airplane. This little blanket Melissa (Mrs. Internati…

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