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My Trip to Dothan, Alabama

I remember standing backstage at Mrs. International on Finals night and thinking to myself, “some lucky girl is going to get the opportunity of a lifetime and work with Joey Retherford and Clay Spann.”

They are the pageant dream team and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go to Dothan, Alabama and see their work firsthand.

Fast forward a couple of months and there I was, standing outside of The Competitive Image and Clay Spann, Photographer / Makeup Artist. It felt surreal but I was so excited to get started!

When I arrived, I saw the store entryway that I’ve seen a hundred times in social media photos. And when I walked inside, it was bigger than I even imagined. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses. Then I went even further back and got to see where Clay Spann does his photography and makeup magic.

We quickly got started with my hair and makeup and I really enjoyed learning more about Joey, Clay and Terri. I asked them a ton of questions and they …

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