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Planning Your Wardrobe for Nationals

“I have nothing to wear!” I’m sure you’ve thought this for at least one event in your life. Nationals week is not the time to have this problem which is why it’s important to be planning ahead as early as possible. Your week in Charleston is guaranteed to be filled with fun events and you will want to have an outfit for each of them that is comfortable, cute and brings out your personality.

An easy way to keep track of everything is to use a whiteboard because it’s easy to edit. Excel works well too but I prefer a whiteboard so you see it constantly.

You will see in the photo that I had written columns for each event, from the plane ride all the way to the stage. The clothing I planned to wear was in one color, shoes in one color, and accessories in another color.

I also suggest keeping track of what you are borrowing from friends or sponsors, what you still have left to purchase, and what extra items you think you need in case of a spill or rip.

By writing down everything in a way w…

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