How I Plan To Spend My Year

My vision is a happier and healthier world where the healthy choice is the easy choice. We live in a time of convenience and unfortunately that has lead us to more sedentary lives bombarded with obesity and preventable diseases. I am happy that my career as a physician assistant allows me the ability to serve people and combat these problems. However, being Miss International 2017 affords me the opportunity to reach an audience BEFORE they become patients.

I will be spending my year speaking to groups about developing healthy habits that can add years to their lives. This is a message that can reach all ages because it is never too late or too early to make positive changes for ones well-being.

This year I will use my partnership with Blue Zones Project to encourage communities and their citizens to incorporate principles of the worlds longest lived people. There are nine commonalities among these groups that the Blue Zones team refers to as the Power 9. 

To learn more about the Power 9 please visit!

Throughout my year I will speak on these principles to students, community and government leaders, healthcare workers, and other organizations. I am especially looking forward to educating students on the importance of being active and making healthy food choices.

In parallel with this message of Blue Zones Project is the mission of Go Red for Women. By helping women "move naturally" and eat a plant based diet, I will be able to decrease the rates of heart disease and stroke which currently together are the number one killer of women worldwide. 

My year will be filled with speaking engagements with a wide variety of audiences. If you are a part of a group that would benefit from this message I encourage you to contact me via email at Together, let's live longer, better!

In health and happiness,

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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