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Why I Didn’t Practice for My Crowning Moment

Like many of you, I had watched countless crowning moment videos. I had seen the photos of previous winners and attempted to visualize what I would look like if that was me. In preparation for Miss International, I took to heart the advice I received when people told me to imagine the crown being on my head. But honestly, I don’t think you can practice for a moment like that. You don't know if you will collapse, scream, look to the judges in thankfulness, or simply smile and wave.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that I did none of those things. I was frozen in place, crying. That was the most raw, authentic reaction that I could muster…complete humility. After years of preparation, service and dreaming, I finally heard MY name. My hands shot to my face to cover the fact that I am not a “pretty crier.” After I don’t know how many seconds, the other women finally had to tell me, “go up there!”. As I walked toward Amanda, Miss International 2016 all I remember is her repeating t…

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