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Miss International's Engagement!

It’s no secret that being Miss International is a huge job and requires a lot of time and commitment. I have been so lucky to not only have my family supporting me every step of the way but my fiancĂ©, Grant has been one of my biggest supporters and number one fan. Grant is a United States Marine currently stationed in California at Camp Pendleton. We started dating while he was deployed in Australia almost two years ago now. We always joke that we grew up only a mile apart from each other but we had to wait until we were over 20,000 miles apart to start dating. Despite the distance however, Grant has no doubt been my biggest supporter. He was the one who encouraged me to run in Miss North Dakota International in the first place. So this year would not have even happened if he hadn’t said “What’s the worst that could happen? You either win or we can get married.” We initially were going to get engaged shortly after competing for Miss North Dakota International and then get married

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