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Resolutions & Goals

Resolutions, what steps are you doing daily?
It’s that time of year again when we all set new goals, make resolutions, create new vision boards, and set new standards for ourselves. I have done just the same. Resolutions and goals for the New Year are challenging, but if set right they CAN BE achieved! Many of you competing, I’m sure have made a resolution or a goal to improve in the aspect of competition that will set you apart, that you need improvement on, or just a life goal that will help you in general and in competition. But what are doing TODAY to make that happen?

Just recently I had the privilege of speaking about goals to the Smart Girls of Maui’s Boys and Girls Club and goal setting was our main topic. I spoke of goals I had when I was EXACTLY in their shoes and steps I took in order to achieve those goals. The girls shared theirs as well and some of them created one right then that hadn’t already started a resolution. But the most impactful thing is we talked about what th…

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