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How To Pack For Nationals

1. Don't Wait-
Please do not wait until the last minute to pack. Take the time in advance to put all of your outfits together. If you wait until the last minute, most likely you will forget something. While Charleston has some great stores that you could go find replacements, you really don't need that kind of stress that week.

2. Ziplocs Are Your Friend-
I know it sounds silly, but they really are. Taking the time to put all of your jewelry in labeled baggies will make it easier for you. I recommend punching hole in the bag and hanging it on the hanger with the corresponding outfit!

3. Label Everything-
Tippy Tops are a popular pageant shoe, and your fitness wear outfits for Competitive Image are mostly the same style, which means they can easily be mixed up. Make sure you label all of your clothes and shoes!

4. Double Check-
Make sure to take the time to double check that you have everything before you go. It is easy to forget small items like deodorant or a toothbrush. If y…

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