The Value of a Pageant

 “Not everyone believes in her, and not everyone supports her, but her God goes with her and that’s what sustains her.” ~ Morgan Harper Nichols 

As an established, successful, and confident woman, it was hard for me 5 years ago to initially see the value of a pageant and how it could help me become a fuller version of myself. When the opportunity was first presented to me to compete in my first pageant, I politely declined. Like most women who weren’t very familiar with the pageant world, I too had my stereotypes of what pageants were all about and the type of women who competed in them. And, if I’m being completely honest, I was maybe a little worried about being judged by people like me who didn’t understand the value of a pageant; people who might not support me or believe in what I had to offer and what I was trying to achieve.

However, I decided to put all of that aside and do a little research to learn more about this particular pageant system. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with their mission and what they had to offer. I’ll forever be grateful for my decision to open my mind and my heart to the world of pageantry and the opportunity to compete in my very first pageant at the age of 35; but it wasn’t just ANY pageant, it was an INTERNATIONAL Pageant!

From MY journey with Cancer to OUR journey with Infertility, Adoption, and Foster Care, the International Pageants system has always provided me with the perfect opportunity to use my voice to make a difference in a way that’s unique and authentic to me and my story; and, now our story. In 2016 and 2017, I represented the cancer community as a Cancer Survivor as Mrs. North Dakota International 2016 and then Mrs. Midwest International 2017. After taking a couple years off to adopt our son, Micah, and to begin our journey with Foster Care, I returned as Mrs. Central States International 2020 with a mission to be a voice and an advocate for families like ours and for the Foster Community, especially the Foster Children who we’re called to love and serve.

In addition to sharing my platform and my|our message with the world, the International Sisterhood is an added bonus to the experience I’ve had when competing in the International Pageants system! This sisterhood is unlike any other. These ladies truly support and empower one another in ways I never imagined. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with some of the most genuine, driven, uplifting women I’ve ever met who have a common desire to make a difference and to create change in the world while they have the opportunity to do so; women who inspire me every day to BE better and to DO better. 

Ladies, not everyone throughout your life is going to believe in you, nor are they going to support you in your efforts. BUT, Romans 8:31 reminds us “If God is for us, who can be against us?”. Whatever you might be trying to achieve, whatever you might be feeling called to do, even if it’s something you’ve never done before, such as a pageant, you can’t go wrong if you do EVERYTHING for HIS glory and then walk confidently knowing He’s beside you guiding you along the way; even when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, He’s right there with you! Remember, “Where God guides He provides,” Isaiah 58:11. Put your complete trust in Him; in HIS plan and in HIS timing! Those who may be against you will NEVER be as strong as the One who is with you.

Ladies, if you’re even just a little bit interested in learning more about International Pageants and WHY and HOW I feel this organization has played an important role in my life’s mission, please reach out to me! This organization has enhanced my life in so many ways, as I know it can yours! When it comes to the pageant world, International Pageants, Inc. is home for me, and I truly believe you’ll find that to be true for you too if you give it the chance.

Ashley Rae Klinger

Mrs. International 2020

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