Choosing Your Platform

Just like searching for the perfect pageant gown, choosing a platform does not have a secret formula in order to win the pageant. Having a platform is a must and winning the title gives you the ultimate stage to stand on to speak and bring light and awareness to your platform. Once you have the title, crown and sash, everyone will look to you and listen. You instantly become a point of influence and inspiration. 

Your platform could benefit an existing charity or you can start your own organization/benefit cause. However, if you are unsure where to start or have not identified a specific cause or topic, I recommend picking a platform that will benefit an already established organization. There are so many organizations that cover a boundless variety of causes.

Do some soul searching. What are you extremely passionate about? Do you have a personal or close connection with someone or something? Once you find your topic, ask yourself if you would enjoy speaking about that topic everyday and endlessly. Can you dedicate a considerable amount of volunteer hours for that topic or organization? How would you market yourself, the topic and the organization? What types of fundraisers can you do as a benefit? Are you comfortable speaking publicly about this topic? 

Whatever topic you choose, you should be passionate about. That passion will shine through to the rest of the contestants, pageant staff, and most importantly, the judges. If you choose a topic, but never or minimally work toward your goal, it is noticeable. This is why it is especially important to choose something you’re comfortable with. 

Here are a variety of topics to help you get the wheels spinning: 



Eating Disorders




Mental Health


Heart Disease




Wounded Warriors

Red Cross

Food Pantry


Women Empowerment

Body Positivity 


Domestic Violence

Be creative and most importantly, have fun with your platform. It’s your passion to make a difference. 

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear from you: Stay happy, healthy, and grounded Mind. Heart. Body.

Megan Vladic

Miss International 2020


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