Pageant Week Intentions

 “When our actions are based on good intentions, our soul has no regrets.” ~ Anthony Douglas Williams

Before you arrive for Mrs. International Pageant Week, your intentions for the week should be fully and clearly defined. In order to make the most out of the week, you should know exactly what you want to get out of the week! From the first year I competed in 2016 to the third year I competed in 2020, my intentions remained the same each year. Here are six of the intentions that I had for Mrs. International Pageant Week!

  • Lead by Example – One of my first intentions for the week was to lead by example for women (and young ladies) everywhere, especially those who knew me personally; family, friends, and those I worked with every day. Among many other things, I wanted to inspire them to set goals and to go after them by stepping outside of their comfort zones and never setting limits on what they’re capable of achieving. Most importantly, I wanted to inspire them to put their complete trust in the Lord and the plans He has for their lives. 

  • Build Friendships – When competing in pageants, you often hear women say, “I’m not here to make friends.” However, that’s exactly what you should be there to do. How often are you surrounded by a large group of other passionate, driven, successful, like-minded women for an entire week who all desire to make a positive impact in the world around them? Those are the exact type of women who I want to be friends with, so while I had the opportunity to do so, one of my intentions for the week was to network, collaborate, and build friendships with some of the most amazing women I had ever met. 

  • Make a Good Impression – Always remember that there is ALWAYS someone watching you, whether you notice it or not. It might be another contestant, an International Pageants, Inc. team member, a local community member, an audience member, or a member of the hotel staff. Whoever it is, you are ALWAYS making an impression on someone, positive or negative, whether you intend to or not. One of my intentions for the week was to ALWAYS present myself in a way that reflected the character of our Lord and to ALWAYS make a good impression on those around me…whether I knew they were watching me or not.

  • Be the Hardest Worker – If, at the end of the week, all of the contestants were asked, “WHO, among you, was the hardest working contestant?”, I wanted every single one of my fellow Sister Queens to say MY name. One of my intentions for the week was to be the hardest working contestant in the room. I wanted to go above and beyond and put every ounce of my effort into the week. 

  • Share my Platform on the International Stage – One of my main intentions for the week was to make it into the Top 11, which would allow me the opportunity to share my platform on the International stage. As International Pageants is a platform-based pageant system, I wanted to share MY platform with the world, in an effort to bring awareness to the Foster Community, so I made sure I was fully prepared and ready when the opportunity presented itself to share that message during Private and On-Stage Interview.

  • Become the next Mrs. International – My ultimate intention for the week was to become the next Mrs. International! Although that will happen for only one woman each year, it was still my ultimate intention for the week, and every single action leading up to and throughout the week reflected that intention!

Whatever your intentions may be for the week, always remember that, ultimately, it’s not your intentions that actually matter. It’s your actions. You ARE what you do and say, NOT what you simply intend to, so be sure to fully and clearly define your intentions and THEN do everything you can to take action and see those intentions to fruition.

Ashley Rae Klinger

Mrs. International 2020

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