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I’m so excited to be seeing the social media announcements welcoming title holders for 2018! It makes me proud to see those that signed up for next year with plenty of time for preparation! Some of you may have received my welcome letter already expressing my experience and love for the incredible team of sponsors we have at International Pageants. I’d like to highly encourage you to reach out to them. Their expertise and guidance is what made my experience so amazing.

There are so many benefits to using our International sponsors that I wanted to share. To me it’s their knowledge, experience, and professionalism that really make them so phenomenal. It was my first time at Mrs. International and as an at large contestant I really wasn’t aware of what to expect. I used Suzy’s guidance not just for the Interview room, but to prepare in general. I had so many questions of what the week would involve. I used her as my source of direction, she was there every step of my preparation. Never having done a platform page, I reached out to Susan. She used her talent to get my purpose, hard work, and plan to stand out. Your paperwork is the FIRST impression the judges will receive of you, she makes an impactful impression. Susan works side by side with Suzy as well, together my message was always consistent. These women truly have a gift, and I hope you have the opportunity for them to share it with you as well.

Suzy Bootz & My Competitive Image Gala Gown

The trunk show is coming April 18-21st, if you can make it Alabama for this experience, I HIGHLY recommend it! Here you have the opportunity to shoot with the famous Clay Spann and see just how amazing he really is! This year you girls are so fortunate that he and his amazing team will be the official hair and make-up sponsors. They are the only team allowed back stage! Attending the trunk show also gives you the opportunity to see first-hand what he can do for you. I’ve been asked why use a make-up artist? My answer if not just to look and feel your best, but for the stress relief. Having someone there to relieve the stress makes it so much easier for you when you’re a ball of nerves.

The trunk show is held at the Competitive Image as well, where you get the opportunity to meet with Joey Rutherford to help select your wardrobe, I am SO grateful I took this opportunity! Joey creates a vision. Every one of you is different, our bodies are different, as well as our styles and taste, he has a gift to accentuate our best features by matching you with your perfect fit for your budget! I used Joey not only for my gown selection, but also for my Gala Gown, and a few outfit selections for during competition week. Also, Sherri Hill herself is there to help! When else in your lifetime will you get to meet Sherri Hill in person? All of these elite professionals with years of experience as well as Mary Richardson herself, attend the trunk show. You get a feel of what International Pageants is all about beginning at the trunk show so I hope you take my advice, and I hope to see you there!

2017 Trunk Show

This amazing team works together well! They’ve done this a time or two, with records to show their success, and they are willing to help everyone of you. Let their experience and expertise help you! I know one thing, maybe it’s just my nature, but if I didn’t use their services in preparation, I wouldn’t feel right by accepting their EXTREME generosity they sponsor each winner. I actually don’t think I’d be writing this now if I didn’t take their knowledge and advice. That being said, you now have access to all the tools you need, I encourage you to take advantage of them and make this experience the best one! Let our sponsors help you by bringing your absolute best self!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Melissa Pocza
Your Mrs. International 2017


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