Nationals, Otherwise Known as the Best Week of My Life

Nationals: will I ever be able to find the perfect words to describe that week? I honestly think it is impossible solely because of just how impactful the experience was. I remember walking into orientation and saying to my self, “thank The Lord not all of these women are in my category, or I wouldn’t stand a chance.” When you walk into a room full of 66 beautiful, accomplished, intelligent and powerful women, it humbles you to your core, no matter how highly you think of your self. I will say that so far it has been one of the best weeks of my life. I never imagined I would have so much fun with all of those women or make the connections I did. 

Me and my Teen girls in the hotel.

I’ve always felt that I am never going to fit in when I participate in things like pageants or Sorority Recruitment because I have always been different. It is the “I can only have my small group of friends because who else will understand?” kind of mindset that plagues my generation. Kids in high school and the ones just getting out feel like they are on an island all alone. They feel like no one could understand them and that no one else has a similar hobby, interest or personality as they do. Thankfully that is far from the truth, and I figured that out a couple of weeks ago. I made so many friends and had so many wonderful experiences over the course of the week.

One of my favorite activities we did was bring backpacks to the children of the local Boys and Girls Club. I was able to sit down and get to know a sweet little girl who made me and my two friends Kailynn and Mary Frances die laughing. If it weren’t for her and that trip, I probably would not have bonded so tightly with my now two best friends. Now, the thing that kicked my butt the most was practice. We practiced for a solid 4 hours in our heels on two separate occasions, and it was something else! It was all worth it in the end because our opening number was fantastic. We also visited the West Virginia Culture Center and learned all about the history and culture of the state.

My crowning moment is still something I have trouble processing, mainly because I was so shocked and it took my breath away. I don’t know if you can see in the video, but I was gasping for air. I remember when last of the top four was called out and I was standing there thinking, “now Georgia, don’t get upset if you go home with nothing. This week has given you so much already.” I was preparing my self not to win because the girls I was standing next to were huge competition. I mean that crown could have gone to any of them, and it would have made complete sense. But then my name was called, and I dropped to the floor. I remember looking out into the audience, and everyone was going crazy, especially my family and friends from back home. My Nana still says she has no idea how she got out of her seat; she thinks she flew in the air like a rocket. My Ma gave her self a bruise because she fell onto the seat in front of her. At one point I yelled out into the audience, “is this actually happening?” while still not being able to breathe and crying like a baby as Carly pinned the crown on my head. The instance that still sticks with me is all the girls coming up to congratulate me! The amount of support and love I have received from them are astounding. I love my two pageant moms, and I know y’all are going to get sick of me talking about them. That moment in time will be something I never forget, and that’s all I could’ve asked for out of that week-something unforgettable.

My family and some of my new friends, my pageant moms Kailynn and Mary Frances are on the left and right of me.

My advice is to anyone interested in doing the International system is to give it a shot. It is one of the best systems I have ever been involved with. It is just such a diverse group of women you will meet and an irreplaceable experience. Charleston, that week and the friends I made will always hold a special place in my heart. I thank God every day for how he has blessed me, and this system is just another blessing to add to the list. 

This is me yelling, "is this actually happening." at the audience.

Stay Fiery, Bold and Beautiful!

Miss Teen Interntional 2018
Georgia Clark


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