The Sunday Morning "Note to Self"

I have shared that I wrote myself notes to read each morning during competition week. I knew the emotional ups and downs I could experience and wanted to keep myself focused and positive. The most important note, however, was the one sealed and ready to be opened the morning after finals night. No matter what the result, this note would provide me with what I needed to hear either way.

Yes, it’s true that only one woman in each division will walk away with the crown, but every contestant has a future full of promise. It is important to remember that while you have every right to feel a sense of hurt and loss in the short term moments following the pageant, you must keep your sights on the bigger picture. Something lies ahead for you that might not be clear now, but have faith in God’s plan and move forward with pride and grace.

Should you be the lucky lady to walk away with the title, you will need to prepare yourself for the year ahead.

My Sunday “note to self” was simple: “Congratulations, Jesse. On to the next big adventure”. Find yours.

Seek Happiness,



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