National Military Appreciation Month

As a nation, we celebrate almost every possible type of national so and so day or month. National doughnut day, national sibling day, national pet day. The list goes on and on. We see the blasts for them all over our social media accounts, which most of the time is the only way I know I need to eat a doughnut to celebrate with the rest of the country. One month that I urge each of you to celebrate and participate in is National Military Appreciation Month.

Our Armed Forces impact each and every American in a very significant way. Honoring and recognizing those that still wear the uniform, their families that give so we can be free and protected as well as those that we have lost allows us to show our appreciation for all that they have done and will continue to do. As a nation, we are given the time to focus on them, teach our children of the sacrifices and reflect on what others have done for us.

Easy Ways to Support our Military & Veterans:

*Display the American Flag

*Send a care package to a soldier through USOCARES

*Encourage your schools to include our military in their school programs

*Shake a military person or veteran’s hand, say thank you

May days to Remember: Loyalty Day (1st), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (6th), VE Day (8th), Armed Forces Day (21st), and Memorial Day (30th).

Until the Mission is Complete,



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