What I Wore

It is almost time for you to start packing for your week at Mrs. International. I’m sure most of you have all of your wardrobe planned, but for those of you that may still be lacking a few things here and there I thought I would give you an idea on how I dressed each day. Planning my outfits for each day was so much fun! I could hardly wait to get to wear them!

Arrival Day - I came in the day before orientation. We only had a short drive, about 4 hours, from South Carolina where we had been for a few weeks leading up to the pageant. I stopped outside of Jacksonville and put on a dress before I arrived at the hotel. You never know who will be in the lobby when checking in so make sure you are dressed accordingly.

Orientation - I wore the white dress that I wore for my Mrs. Texas Interviews. It is one of my favorite dresses! You will notice a theme that I wore nude shoes almost the entire week. It was part of my branding look that I wanted to go for. Orientation will be the first time you will meet the other contestants.

Outing Day - You will be traveling to St. Augustine and you will be hot! I made sure to plan ahead for the heat and wore a cute 2 piece outfit. The more flowy skirt definitely helped to keep me cool. I wore nude wedges that were actually very comfortable. You will be doing a lot of walking so make sure your shoes don’t hurt your feet. It’s always a good idea to bring a bag and umbrella with you everywhere you go this week. Summer in Florida means you can almost always guarantee a rain shower. I wore my hair in a low side pony tail to keep my hair off my neck. After the outing is over, you will have dinner and a hotel rehearsal. While you certainly don’t have to change, I did. I can’t find a picture, but I wore a navy blue dress from BCBG.

Hotel Rehearsals - I wore a hot pink dress and again nude shoes for one of our hotel rehearsals. Make sure to bring your competition shoes (opening number shoes, white tennis shoes and evening gown shoes) with you in a bag to practice in.

Interview - I wore a white dress with a cape sleeve. I wanted to stand out amongst my group of 5 and make a statement. I loved my dress! Remember, you don’t want the judges to stare at your feet so in my opinion keeping your shoes toned down is the way to go. You guessed it, I wore nude shoes again. White and nude were part of my branding look.

Theater Rehearsal - After interviews are finished for everyone, you will have rehearsals in the theater. I wore an amazing black 2 piece outfit that had a nautical twist to it. Don’t forget your umbrella and competition shoes. I also had a jacket with me in case I got cold.

Gala - Thursday evening, you will attend the gala. I wore the dress I won Mrs. Texas International in.

Prelim Day Rehearsal - I wore another 2 piece white outfit. I made sure that as the week went on, my outfits became a little dressier. I also made sure that my theater rehearsals were dressier than my hotel rehearsal outfits.

Judges Rehearsal & husband’s rehearsal - This was my dressiest dress that I wore all week. It even had the dangling beads on it that my evening gown had.

I packed a few extra dresses just in case that I ended up wearing if we had time to change, which is very limited. I also packed a dress to wear for my official first meeting as Mrs. International if I won! My last dress, I threw on before we left the hotel and headed to Disney for the week. The nude shoes came off as soon as I sat down in the car!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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