Tips for Trunk Show

The trunk show is such a great opportunity that International Pageants offers its contestants. It’s also a great casual way to meet some of the International Pageants staff and leave your first impression. You have the ability to individually meet with some of our amazing sponsors. This is your chance to use their expertise and advice to prepare yourself to arrive in Charleston your BEST self!

That being said, I wanted to take this opportunity and share with you some travel tips to Dothan, Alabama, because if you are new to traveling to Dothan and have never been to a trunk show, like I was, these will be helpful.

If you're flying:

*Book your flights early. Dothan is a VERY small airport. There’s only one airline that travels into Dothan. You will most likely have to connect. It will take you most of the day to travel. So you will need to plan out a travel day to arrive, then a full day at the trunk show, then a travel day home.

*Uber, Taxi, What’s that? Not in Dothan! It is such a sweet small town there are no Ubers or Taxis. Dothan airport is tiny. The car rental desk is literally steps away from your gate! It’s quick and easy. Rent a car if you can, it makes it so easy! And everything you’ll need is so close, including the hotel and the Trunk Show. Everything is less than a 10 min drive!


*Summer Dress, Fashionable outfit, business casual. Always dress to impress is my advice, even when traveling! Ultimately you want the role of an International Queen, dress the part, always! This is some of your first impressions, so take the opportunity and make it a good one!


*They have several options to choose from within just a few miles and plenty of restaurants to make you feel like home! This is one of the sweetest towns! I love Dothan and the people are so kind!


*Keep in mind of other contestants scheduled too. When you may be wardrobe, while another is in interview, so be respectful of your scheduled time slots.

*You’ll most likely run into some other contestants! Either at the trunk show or in the hotels. This is a great opportunity to meet some new friends so when you get to Charleston you’ll know some friendly faces.

I hope these tips help you prepare if your attending the 2018 Trunk Show! If you haven’t planned too, hopefully it’s convinced you again what an amazing opportunity it is to get some face to face interaction and advice for preparation.

See you in Dothan, Safe Travels!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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