New Year, New Me - Cliche or Not?

I’ll be the first to admit that “New Year, New Me” has become a cliche. How do things become a cliche you may ask...this is how: a word or a phrase is written so many times that recipients have little to no emotional reaction to the phrase. Thousands of New Year’s captions contained the phrase “New Year, New Me”, but does that mean we should ignore the opportunity this statement presents? The opportunity for growth, development, and, most importantly, new beginnings. NO!

The whole reason this phrase, and so many other so-called cliches, are used so frequently is because they contain valuable information, advice, and perspective. My challenge to each of you is to take back the cliche that means something to you. Don’t avoid saying it or using it in your blogs and Instagram captions!

For me, “New Year, New Me” is just a starting point...I want my life to look more like this: “New Month, New Me”, “New Week, New Me”, “New Day, New Me”. We have the ability to reinvent ourselves and pursue becoming the best version of ourselves each and every day- so why not do it? Take back the cliches and use the lessons learned from them to constantly improve yourself. 

Miss International 2018


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