For Thanksgiving this year I wasn’t able to go home and be with my family. Luckily for me, I grew up in Richmond until I was 15, & my “second family” still lives there! They invited Sebastien & I down for the holiday!

I have known Brittany since I was 4 and she was 3 – that means we have been friends for almost 23 years! (Yes, I used to be a blonde!)

Our moms are best friends too, which makes it even more special. When I started pageants, Brittany started as well. The 4 of us have traveled the country together competing, watching, judging, and directing pageants. I had my mom scan some of our old pictures from a scrapbook, so the quality isn’t amazing, but I wanted to share with you our younger days together!

Even though this Thanksgiving wasn’t spent with my biological family, sometimes friends can be family too, & I am lucky I have them so close by!
Ashley Smith


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