My Goals As Mrs. International 2017

My primary goal as Mrs. International is to raise as much awareness for the fight against child abuse as I possibly can! I plan on doing so through my free APP I developed which provides support and resources for child abuse survivors, as well as opportunities to volunteer. I want everyone to realize just how EASY it is to become involved!

I will continue educating for child abuse prevention through the National Child Advocacy Center’s “It’s My Body Campaign.” This is one honor through my years of advocacy that I just love! Educating children about the signs and symptoms of abuse BEFORE it can happen to them, after all children only know right from wrong from what they are taught. One of my primary goals as Mrs. International 2017 is to expand like campaigns to community outreach programs and organizations to reach more children. During my on-stage question, I was asked about which law I would pass if I had the opportunity, that was Erin’s Law. This law is currently active in 29 states and pending in 14, expanding a program similar to the NCAC “It’s My Body” into community outreach programs like Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. would target more children to educate for prevention while we wait for these laws to be passed in every state.

As Mrs. International, I feel it’s important to also break borders! I plan on doing so through my international level advocacy by partnering International Child Advocacy Networks with my existing global business channels in China, Thailand, London, South America, and Mexico. By uniting my Rainbow Connection project with these partnerships, I’m able to provide even more rescued children headed to foster care across the globe with our own manufactured backpacks rather than the black plastic trash bag they currently most commonly receive. I’m very excited to accomplish this goal this holiday season with my family by my side and as Mrs. International! 

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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