Be the Change!

This world has become more and more scary. It terrifies me just to think about what our world will be like when our children are adults. It seems like all too often these days we hear stories of school shootings, theater shootings, bombs being put in crowded places and these are just in the United States of America. Then you add in the threats received daily from other countries or radical groups proclaiming terrible things on us and it’s enough to make you not want to go anywhere.

I don’t have the answers to closing our borders or what to do about ISIS. I do know that there isn’t a simple solution or a cookie cutter answer. I do know that we should all have HOPE and FAITH in not only our nation’s leaders, but also in God. HE is the only answer we need and HE alone will save us in the end.

We need to have hope for a better world for our children to grow up in. In doing so, we also need to be part of the solution to ensure that it happens. One simple way is by voting. I know we still have a year before the next presidential election, but familiarizing yourself with the candidates' opinions now and staying up to date on the debates will help make next November easier for you.

As a part of a group of women that has so many connections, together, let’s be the change that our world needs now more than ever.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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