Staying Healthy While Traveling

Before winning Miss International, I loved to travel for fun. Now I get to travel as a part of my job! Although there are so many perks to traveling (different foods, different cultures, etc.), I noticed that if you aren't careful, traveling can lead to some unhealthy habits. With the excitement of going to a new city, state or country, our first thought isn't necessarily "How can I maintain my healthy habits while I'm on my trip?"! But if you are a person on the go, like myself, it's extremely important to still treat Your body with the respect it deserves. Here are a few tips that I wanted to share with you!

1. Make sure to drink plenty of water. We should do this anyway, and this is definitely a struggle of mine, but especially when you are on traveling by plane you need to stay hydrated. One way is to drink plenty of water. Secondly, you can spritz water on your face and other body parts to keep your skin hydrated on the surface! Also, make sure to take some anti-bacterial wipes with you to wipe of the arm rests and tray table on the plane. They are full of germs that you don't want! 

2. Splurge on food but don't go overboard! I will be the first to raise my hand to go to a new restaurant when I'm traveling! There is nothing wrong with eating some of the delicious, high calorie foods, but those calories can add up quickly if we aren't careful. Make sure to maintain your meals with protein, veggies and fruit. A protein shake can be convenient when traveling too! And for those time when you are traveling by car, remember fast food restaurants always have a healthy option... Salad, grilled instead of fried, fruit instead of fries. When you maintain your healthy eating, then you won't feel too bad when you have your "cheat meal"!

3. Exercise!! Call ahead and see if the hotel you are staying at has a gym. Then you can workout while you are away from home! If the hotel doesn't have a gym, there are plenty of exercises that you can do in your room... And that's actually what I did while competing for Miss Texas International! If you are in a safe place, you can also take a walk or run around the city you're in! I did this while in Paris, and it was a wonderful way to learn more about the city while staying fit! 

4. Rest! Traveling takes a lot of our energy. Make sure that before, during, and after your trip, you are getting plenty of sleep! Definitely talking to myself on this one!

Hope you find these tips helpful as you travel around!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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