The Best Is Yet To Come

Today, as I was in the middle of recording five episodes of God’s View….I had a moment, a moment to where my whole life made sense. I realized that every experience, every little bit of training, pageantry, years of drama, years of performing as a ballroom dancer, teaching Zumba... Even the bad years the years of bullying, the complete betrayal and pain of my first marriage ending, having lost everything and starting over….All led me to this place.

I was talking to my sister yesterday and she was telling me how my sweet little niece, Ari had changed drastically over the last few months after having started Kindergarten. (Ari is the sweetest, tender-hearted, little girl, who wouldn't hurt a fly!)

She has been in Kindergarten for almost a year now, and you wouldnt-couldnt even recognize her now. She’s developed this insecurity, anger, and has become plain-ole mean!

After talking to my sister she explained how Ari developed insecurity because she felt inferior when reading in front of her class and her teacher. Ari was very shy, and for that reason, she wasn't comfortable, and therefore labeled “dyslexic.”

And I said “That's it, Adonai is never going to public school!”

See, I’ve been debating putting my youngest (Adonai) in Kindergarten next year. I homeschool my kids, however, I’ve always allowed them to start off in public school... In order to develop their socializing skills. But being that Adonai is my baby, my last little one...I’m afraid of her getting bullied, hurt, and becoming insecure.

Sure, I meant well, but operating in fear is never the answer.

And God confirmed that today, while I was filming and He showed me that it's all gonna be okay. That He is in control, no matter what happens, “all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.”

Everything that I’ve been through, helped develop character, prepared me, and ultimately made me ME.

The same goes for you, no matter your age.. Everything you have experienced, learned, or overcome has led you to this point in your life.. Maybe you're in a rut, maybe things aren't looking good for you right now. That’s okay! Don’t lose hope, your best is yet to come!

I’m your Mrs. International reminding you-




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