My National Experience and Official Crowning Moment

There’s a few things throughout my experience at the Mrs. International pageant besides the obvious excitement of the outcome and the phenomenal red carpet treatment that Charleston and the International system provides that I wanted to take the time to share with you.

That is the mind set I had going into Mrs. International week and what I learned. I’ve always been the Type A personality that works hard and trains hard. I appreciate the time and energy I put in to arriving and giving it my absolute best. This was no different. I trained hard preparing for months, I came with a purpose and plan, and I did my homework to ensure I knew what to expect. Doing this I felt I would give it my best, stay focused, compete only against myself, and leave with no regrets… whether I left with or without the crown. But was I really? I mean we all say that, but in our hearts but do we really FEEL that?

I thought I did, until we got there. After all, I’m only human, and I found once I got there I started to self-doubt and stress out! At least I did for the first day or two, until I started seeing little signs all around me that were telling me to “Let it Go!”

The first was, ladybugs! There was a ladybug in my room above my bed the first night and then every day since throughout the entire week. Then TWO on finals morning! A little history, I started my pageant journey with my grandparents having a very significant part in it. The last time I competed my grandfather said he’d give anything to see me do that again, and I lost him shortly after. I told myself this was it, and I’d give anything to have him there. I carry an angel pin that symbolizes my grandparents with me and I lost it during my crazy travel experience getting to Charleston. To say it messed with my mind was an understatement, until the lady bugs! That night I was reading all about what ladybugs symbolize and my mind was immediately at ease.

The next day at orientation I was assigned #13. Initially scared to be the beginning of the line up, I never realized until talking to my husband and my mom that evening on how significant the number 13 was to me and my family. Wow! Did you know I signed my Mrs. International contract on the 13th as well?

The following day, my new friends! What I noticed about the Mrs. International system was the type of women that were drawn to the system. Driven women all with a greater purpose and a passion they support! I met allot of very inspirational women, but one in particular, made all the difference in the world to me without even knowing it. During one of our talks, she mentioned that she’s followed Broken Little Voices and was impressed with the work I’ve done. She asked if I would mind meeting one of her child’s friends, turns out we have similar backgrounds and she could use a mentor to look up to find her own Brave voice. Right then, that moment, I was good! I felt that regardless of the outcome, I won. She knew, people knew, what I stand for, what I represent, my continuous efforts, I knew I was making an impact, I was doing what I wanted to do all along with or without winning and right then is when I truly FELT it.

The little signs kept throughout the week. I was walking into rehearsal day and saw the name on the pageant program “RISE UP”. I’ve been religiously listening to the song for months during preparation. Not to mention, my husband left me little notes throughout the week hidden in my suitcases that all had the inspirational meaning to “Rise Above” no matter what I may be faced with this week. Knowing that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, or someone may judge your intentions without knowing the real you, to RISE ABOVE and stay true to myself. Did I mention the other song choice right before gown when seeing my husband for the first time was literally “Perfect”, it was ours!

The little signs of reassurance were all around me and they just kept appearing, telling me I was where I was supposed to be to stop the self-doubt and just believe. To believe I could do this and confirming to me that if I didn’t, I was truly “OK” with that, but that I just needed to “Let go” and pay attention to them.

You see it may seem crazy, but my crowning moment as Mrs. International was by far something surreal that I will never forget but it was also a life lesson. To realize to let go and trust your life plan. To acknowledge that I was already doing what I wanted to do and I was already the title I wanted to be, Mrs. Pocza! I just needed to open my eyes and realize for myself… that I AM making a difference in my passion, inspiring others, and being an example to not give up. I’m just about to take it to another level, that’s all! ;)

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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