My Platform, “Broken Little Voices"

My platform is Broken Little Voices: raising awareness in neglected and abused children. I formally created Broken Little Voices in 2014 but have been advocating against abuse and neglect for years. As I mentioned in my bio, I grew up receiving help from organizations like Children’s Alliance and later as a teen, I transferred into the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. Through the years, my husband and my family have collectively rescued over 9 children who are survivors of neglect and abuse. This is a passion that is not only mine, but my family’s. I’m inspired by them, the big and the small!

I named my passion “Broken Little Voices” because child abuse and neglect is not something people like to talk about, to soften the faux pas. I found after doing so, it was easier to grab people’s attention, get them more comfortable, and get them involved. I transitioned Broken Little Voices into Brave Little Voices in 2017 because of the years of work I’ve done with the children of The Child Advocacy Centers. I wanted to honor their voices as “brave” and not “broken” because that’s exactly what they are! They took the first step against abuse by being brave and standing up against it, using their own little voice. I hope this better explains the difference between the two you will see throughout my reign. Broken Little Voices, is raising awareness to take a stance against the fight of child abuse and neglect. Brave Little Voices, is when honoring the children whom have already taken that stance. I normally tag Broken Little Voices in general, but when working with the National Child Advocacy Center networks you will find I tag Brave Little Voices.

I’ve been volunteering with The National Children’s Advocacy Center, The National Children’s Alliance Network, and The International Child Advocacy Network for years. You will find me every week at the Child Advocacy Centers assisting in forensic interviews, playing with the children, or assisting at the front desk. I spend every Wednesday there and I Love it! This is where I feel I can help make a difference. This is where I relate. I love the staff, the kids, and their mission.

I wanted to share this with The Child Advocacy Center FIRST!

I also get the honor of traveling to schools all over spreading the “It’s My Body” campaign with The Child Advocacy Center, teaching children the signs and symptoms of abuse before it can happen to them. This is what I truly love, spreading abuse prevention to my favorite audience…kids!

I created a free app that provides resources and links to abuse survivors as well as volunteer opportunities and encouragement. I wanted to expand my international outreach and condense the resources for survivors of abuse, that’s what I focus my app around. Speaking of international outreach, my latest project #RAINBOWCONNECTION is donating rescued children headed to foster care all across the country with our own manufactured backpacks, that we make in our own facilities. So far we have partnered with numerous national agencies helping thousands of rescued children headed to foster care. This fall and winter we have several international donations scheduled and this makes me so proud. A small goal turned into a HUGE mission, not just for me, but for my family, that has been pretty amazing!

I look forward to sharing more about Broken Little Voices and Brave Little Voices throughout my reign and hopefully encourage you to take a stand against abuse as well!

I STAND UP against child abuse and neglect!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017
Melissa Pocza


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