A Thank You to Our Veterans

During our trip to DC, Melissa, Carly and I had the pleasure of meeting numerous veterans from Wisconsin, Ohio and other states. As we were visiting the World War II Memorial, we stopped to say hello to an Honor Flight member and his escort.

*Aside from getting married or having a child, this Honor Flight trip is often one of the greatest moments of a veteran’s life. They are gifted with a flight to Washington, DC to visit the monuments. Once they arrive home, family and friends line the airport to greet them with applause, music and signs.

Our conversation was eye-opening. The Vietnam veteran became emotional as he began telling us about never being welcomed home from the war. A comment like this nearly stops a person in their tracks. I knew that no words I could say would be able to make up for those years. I looked at him and said “I know it may be a little late but I’m glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve today. Thank you for your service.” As we continued to visit, more veterans arrived and handshakes and photo-ops ensued.

I was thankful to have an opportunity to visit with these servicemen from various military branches and humbled by their excitement to meet me and my sister queens. What struck me the most was how appreciative each of them were to receive a simple thank-you and a smile. As we near Veterans Day I encourage you to thank the veterans you encounter because it means more to them than we understand.

In health and happiness,

Miss International 2017


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