Stop Doubting Yourself!

It’s that time! Time to start picking out your wardrobe, deciding what your platform page will look like, filling out your official applications, making your videos, and setting YOUR plan of action on just exactly how you will capture the title and spend your reign as an International pageant queen. With all these big and small tasks to do, come the responsibility of making allot of important decisions that will impact your outcome. Knowing the importance of every decision you make these next few months can come with one really annoying personality trait- self-doubt!

We're all human, we all do it. Knowing just how impactful your decisions will be seems to create self-doubt in your mind. If your anything like me you may wind up with several gowns, revising your platform page wording a dozen times, and wondering to yourself why do I really deserve this amazing opportunity. Self-doubt comes in all areas of competition and preparation. Its natural and if you let it, it will drive you crazy. Maybe even steer you away from an opportunity of a lifetime. So my advice to you these next few months is to keep calm and always trust your gut!

Don’t let that ugly voice in your head drive you crazy and fill your mind with self-doubt. Don’t let that voice check you out of the competition before it has even begun. Stay calm, stay confident, stay true to who you are, keep your purpose and plan on target, and always trust your gut! Best wishes preparing these next few months! Looking forward to seeing all of you in Charleston!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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