Walking With A Purpose

If only I had a step tracker during my trip to Europe! In ten days I covered the cities of Amsterdam, Barcellona, Venice, and Hvar all by foot. During my travels I was worried that not being able to go to my regular gym for two weeks would have negative consequences on my fitness. Boy was I wrong.

Walking through Amsterdam

One of the nine commonalities Blue Zones Project found among the world's longest lived people is that they "move naturally". This proves that you don't need to go pump iron to be healthy. You just need to MOVE. 

Moving naturally is one of nine common practices of the people who live the longest.
  • Walking has many healthy benefits not limited to:
  • Decreasing weight 
  • Improving heart and lung function
  • Lowering blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Strengthening muscles 
  • Elevating mood and enhancing concentration. 
I'm sure you've heard many of these before so I wanted to give you another reason to walk...

Everyone else is doing it ;)

By that I mean it’s National Walking Day. Each year American Heart Association sponsors this day to encourage people to move more. So join us in lacing up your sneakers and post your photos to social media with the hashtag #NationalWalkingDay!

At the start line for Miami Heart Walk

As an added bonus reason to walk, all around the country American Heart Association puts on “Heart Walks” to raise funds and awareness to decrease heart disease and stroke. I highly encourage you to use this as a fun opportunity to walk not only to improve your own health but also the health of others. Please visit heart.org to learn more and sign up for a Heart Walk near you.
In health and happiness,

Miss International 2017

Kelsey Craft


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