My Trip to Dothan, Alabama

I remember standing backstage at Mrs. International on Finals night and thinking to myself, “some lucky girl is going to get the opportunity of a lifetime and work with Joey Retherford and Clay Spann.”

They are the pageant dream team and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go to Dothan, Alabama and see their work firsthand.

Fast forward a couple of months and there I was, standing outside of The Competitive Image and Clay Spann, Photographer / Makeup Artist. It felt surreal but I was so excited to get started!

When I arrived, I saw the store entryway that I’ve seen a hundred times in social media photos. And when I walked inside, it was bigger than I even imagined. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses. Then I went even further back and got to see where Clay Spann does his photography and makeup magic.

We quickly got started with my hair and makeup and I really enjoyed learning more about Joey, Clay and Terri. I asked them a ton of questions and they had so many good stories to share. We laughed almost the whole time I was there.

After my hair and makeup was finished we began shooting some looks with my Crown. It was another, “pinch me” moment. To be in that studio wearing a crown I had dreamed about was surreal.

Clay Spann Face Products

As we were shooting, Clay gave me great insight into how to pose and how to angle my body. He also taught me a ton of great tips and tricks for taking a good photo including how to look “fierce.” I loved learning everything he wanted to teach me. I was also blessed to have Mary Richardson and Susan Botek there as well to guide and encourage me. It was truly a great day with everybody!

Behind the scenes

We took a quick break for some Panera Bread lunch and then we moved on to some of my favorite shots of the whole day. I tried on amazing dresses handpicked by Joey and he knew exactly what would work for me.

Joey, Clay and Terri truly are the Pageant Dream Team and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting Pageant attire, pageant headshots or pageant makeup.

Joey Retherford and Clay Spann

I’m so excited to see the end results and I can’t wait to share the photos with all of you!

Together We Rise,

Your Mrs. International 2018



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