Christmas Time!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and that is because it is the time of year where I see just about every one of my family members. We have held Christmas at my dad’s house for the past five years or so. Each year there is a different mix of family and friends who gather under our roof for good food and catching up. I also have Christmas with my mom’s side of the family at my Aunt Donna’s, and that is where Dirty Santa gets interesting. I could not ask for a better family to celebrate with!

My favorite Christmas tradition is Dirty Santa! If you don’t know what Dirty Santa is it is also called White Elephant or Yankee Swap. It is a very simple game and the goal is just to end up with the gift you most desire, but it gets heated at Aunt Donna’s. What always ends up happening is the families under one name band together to get the best/most valuable gift in the game, and it can sometimes turn into a verbal fight in the living room. I have admittedly taken part in the rigging of this game. 

Last year, I ended up with a nice Yeti brand koozie halfway through the game, and more than half of my family wanted it from me. It was about time for me to leave and go to work, so I slipped the koozie in my purse, got up and said, “Okay y’all, time for me to go to work.” I started for the door and one of my cousins pointed out the fact that they saw me put the koozie in my purse, I then preceded to run to my car. So, the moral of that story is that it is called Dirty Santa for a reason, and don’t play with my family unless you are ready to play dirty!

This is one of my dad's extravagant Christmas trees.

Stay Fiery, Bold and Beautiful!



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