Pre Teen Girl Holiday Gift Guide

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Well, the countdown is definitely on for the big day! I have heard my mom say more than one time this season that the pre teen age is hard to buy for, so I decided that I would create a Pre Teen Gift Guide for all of you out there that are having trouble deciding what to get your tween girl! SO, if you are out the picking up last minute gifts or planning to hit the sales after Christmas to buy things for next year I hope you find this blog post helpful!


You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks for your pre teen! The color, design or style doesn’t matter! The only thing that is a requirement is that they must be soft! I have already been to two Christmas parties this season where my friends and I exchanged fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks are a safe bet, for sure!


Bath bombs are everything this season with the pre teen girls! Bath bombs are great because they come in fun shapes, sizes, colors and scents! I personally love them all and have no preference on a particular brand. The bigger the variety, the better. These make for a great gift because they can hit a range of price points. You can pick up one or two to use for little happies or stocking stuffers or a set makes a great gift. My favorite place to shop for bath bombs is Bath and Body Works because they have a big selection to choose from.


Lip Balms are always fun! Again, these come in all flavors and brands. Some are tinted and some are clear. I like them all, but to help you out in your shopping make sure you just stick to a variety. I really like the EOS brand, these are fun to collect. Lip Smackers is still a good go to for your pre teen, of course because of all the yummy flavors. Love, love Baby Lips by Maybeline...these are slightly tinted with a light gloss. Lastly, if you are okay with your pre teen wearing a hint of color and high gloss, then Juicy Tubes by Lancome are great! All of these can be found at Ulta.


Pre Teens are starting to really get into fashion and what they wear. If you are unsure what trends are popular in tween fashion, know that you cannot go wrong with LEGGINGS! Any kind will do, but the styles that have cute mesh cutouts or tie are extra! Pair leggings with an oversized sweatshirt or a crop jacket and a cute graphic tee underneath. Sweaters are big for pre teens right now, but either cropped or oversized. Wedge sneakers are a hit and only faux fur will do for coats!


Tech gadgets of all kinds are great pre teen gifts. This can range from small, less expensive items to expensive Santa Clause gifts. What you decide to purchase really just depends on your need. On the more affordable side you can go for an extra-long charging cord, cable clip, dongle cord, wireless speaker, or earbuds. All of these things can be found in cute colors. On the more expensive end, smart watches will be at the top of lots of lists and and airpods by Apple. Something else to consider in this department is a charging station to keep all tech gadgets organized!

Well, there you have it! The top items to buy for your pre teen girls out there! I hope this list helps ease some stress. You can’t go wrong with any of these things! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


Your Miss Pre Teen International


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