Carolina International Pageants

If you’re in the Carolinas tonight, there’s a Pageant PARTY going on that you don’t want to miss!

I am SO proud to be a Carolina Girl! Even the song lyrics say, “the best in the world”.

Based on a prior commitment scheduled months ago, I am in the great state of Texas for the Texas International Pageants this weekend. The International Pageant System is truly a FAMILY AFFAIR, therefore, I feel right at home in San Antonio, Texas where I am being treated like royalty!

Because I cannot be in the Carolinas, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to some amazing women who have focused their time and talents this past year on “service” to others.

Joy Pfister, the International Family is blessed to have you as one of our amazing directors. You're a mentor, cheerleader, and my forever friend. You love this system, it’s evident! Cynthia, I am INCREDIBLY proud of all that you have accomplished. You embraced this opportunity to serve others and you went above and beyond the call of duty. You have painted the Carolina Blue sky perfectly PURPLE many times this year .I have truly enjoyed our appearances together! Mrs. Shana, my dancing queen, you were one of my many "BLESSINGS" during the National competition in Chicago. You brought a smile to my face and calmed my spirit each night as we prepared to “Have a GOOD GOOD night”. If you read your farewell speech, make sure you ignore the words, "turn the page”! HA! One of my Top 10 favorite stories of all time! You are truly a bundle of fun and blessings! To the Teen & Miss Queens, you have inspired your peers and made a difference in the lives you've touched! I'm so proud to be a Carolina GIRL!!!!

GOOD LUCK to all of the contestants and have FUN!

Click here to meet the contestants and get more information about the pageant venue, tickets, etc.

Shannon Devine


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