Pageant Tips for Nationals #4: How to Win Fun Fashion

When I competed for the first time at Nationals as Miss Teen DC International, I won fun fashion. There was actually a tie and two winners that year, myself and Megan McNab (Miss Teen Alabama International 2009).

So I have been asked by many of you, “What wins fun fashion?” Truly, I believe you must stand out and be different. You should also make sure that the fun fashion you choose highlights your individual style and personality. Make sure that your fun fashion is age appropriate, especially if you are a teen.

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank either on fun fashion. My sister queen, Ashley Smith, designed her own fun fashion and her mother made it for her! She won fun fashion in the Miss category and she did it all for a couple hundred of dollars!! She had the element of surprise with her fun fashion with a detachable skirt!

Remember it is fun fashion, so use accessories to add flare. My mom really wanted to add something to mine to make it stand out more last year at Nationals, so she ran across the street the afternoon before preliminaries and bought a feather and sequined fuchsia headpiece. It helped to set me apart and I noticed finals night, others had taken note and added a headpiece as well to accessorize.

Don’t forget the personality part when you go on stage. Fun fashion is about having fun and being happy- so make sure you show that you are fun on stage!!

Juliana McKee


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