Top 5 Pageant Hacks

Ok, we have all seen the new headlines come out on “hacks” or commonly known as “tricks”, “life savers”, etc. Call them what you will, but more than anything, they are useful tips using every day common items that might not otherwise get used often.

Here are my Top 5 Pageant Hacks!

1: Pill case or false eye lash holder? Both!! I use pill cases for MANY things above and beyond my vitamins. Broken eye shadow, blush? Put it in a pill case compartment so it does not go to waste! Re-use your lashes often, but never have the right place to put them? Pill cases are perfect.

2: Easter Eggs and fake snow. Ok…hear me out on this one. If you are ever in a pinch for a jewelry container when packing your wardrobe, grab a plastic easter egg and some fake snow and put your favorite jewelry in there. Easy to color code by day, protects it and will not catch or snag any of your wardrobe pieces if stored with it inside the garment bag!

3: Tissue Paper and Corn Starch. If your skin is like mine, I have some spots that like to shine more than others. Blotting sheets are ideal to have on hand, but what if you run out? What if you left your Clay Spann matting powder at home before leaving? Stop by a store or pack some extra tissue paper and cut to fit in your purse, it works just as well as blotting sheets. Brush some cornstarch on your face and you are good to go, matte and beautiful

4: Paper Clips. Leave your curl clips at home? Commonly known as “duck bill” pins, they are the best at holding your hair getting ready for some mega curls. If you can’t find yours, grab some paper clips and you are good to go. My daughters like to raid all of my hair and makeup items (How can I blame them with all my Clay Spann and Bumble and Bumble from T Dunn studios around the house!), but they seem to leave my paper clips alone.

5: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Forget to wash your hands after a spray tan? Keep the magic eraser close by. Besides being amazing to clean scuffs of your shoes, your whites white, it can also clean off spray tan.

Remember, no reason to stress, it will always work out and take a look around, there is usually a solution.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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