Clay Spann FACE Makeup Must Haves

It’s 6pm and I’m driving on a Kansas country road heading back to Nebraska after 3 days of traveling. Peeking in the review mirror in amazement, my Clay Spann makeup STILL looks fresh as when he had put it on the 36 hours ago for our photo shoot.

Yes, I am admitting I didn’t wash off my makeup the night before to the world through a blog, but when realizing only getting two hours of sleep in Dothan, Alabama would be possible before driving back to Panama City for a 6 am flight departure heading to an event… leave the makeup on it was. 

Now, this cannot be a regular habit to fall asleep with makeup on, but being able to show up the next day after a photoshoot with Clay Spann to an event in another state after 2 hours of sleep at a hotel, sleeping on a plane in an aisle seat (which I have quite possibly mastered) and STILL looking fresh…..this is why I love Clay’s makeup, it is simply THE BEST!

We have all used a lot of makeup lines, but 2 years ago after learning about Clay Spann cosmetics I started using his makeup and have never looked back. My makeup bag is full of Clay’s cosmetics!!! It stays perfectly put through international travel, foreign countries with sweltering heat, appearance after appearance, hot parades, etc. Basically everything you can think of. I am an extremely active person, mom, wife and Mrs. International who always needs to feel and look my best, after all, we are in the business of first impressions. Spur of the moment speak to a crowd, how many of us would look around for a mirror? I always feel confident when wearing Clay’s makeup and ready for everything…no mirror needed.

So here are my favorite Clay Spann items that are must haves. Call Clay to get your must haves, or better yet, go see him in person to customize your makeup plan and get the best training that is out there!!

  • The Face Kit to hold Clay Spann blushes and eye shadows (my favorite colors are Bouquet for blush and vanilla shake for eye shadow!)
  • Camouflage Cover Crème (my go to is Golden Beige)
  • Picture Perfect Foundation (I’m a blend of Olive Glow and Fresco Olive)
  • Translucent Loose Powder (Warm Beige for my tone)
  • Radiant Matte Finish (Natural Tan is my go to powder)
  • Matte Bronze
Clay Spann Cosmetics has colors to fit every skin tone 
  • Eye Shimmers (I LOVE Pink Opal, looks amazing on stage)
  • Lip Glass/Lip Gloss (I use the clear over my lipsticks or the color Ruby Slipper on it’s own for some color pop)
  • Lipsticks (I cannot choose just one of these, I love them all! Different shade for everyday of the month ;) 
  • Lip Definer (Cappuccino is a must have color, blends with lip colors great)
  • Mega Lash Mascara 
After writing this list, I just realized it is basically everything, but what can I say, I love my Clay Spann Cosmetics!

This is my makeup bag contents that goes EVERYWHERE with me. All of my Clay Spann favorites as you can see get well used! A little hint for helping to grab your makeup items when applying on the go, I use little pieces of colored tape on my brushes and foundation lid so at a glance I can easily see what is what. 

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Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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