What Should I Wear?

The question above could very likely be a question many of you have! Our fabulous Mrs. International and Miss International have both shared their take on wardrobe for the International Pageants, so I thought I’d post what I wore last year, specifically for the teens.


This is the first impression that your fellow contestants as well as the Int’l Pageant staff will have of you. Make it a good one! I chose to wear a white pantsuit, but anything business professional is a great choice.

Day Out in Jacksonville:

This is not the time to show off your highest pair of heels! Comfortable wedges or a change of shoes (flats) is a must. A cutesy dress or stylish outfit are both appropriate choices for this busy day.

Group Photo Night:

Keep in mind that the judges will be selecting the photogenic winner based on the photos taken throughout the week, especially from this night. I opted for a long gown but high lows/cocktails are also appropriate. You will be going across the street to the Times Union Center for the photo, and the long train on my gown was a little difficult for this walk!


I definitely recommend dressing to impress, but also keep in mind that you are rehearsing and should feel comfortable! Here is one of my rehearsal looks.

After Teen Prelims:

My friends and family wanted to take pictures with me after the show on Thursday night, so I made sure to bring a stylish outfit that would look good in Facebook and Instagram pictures posted by my loved ones!

Miss Prelims:

Long or short dresses are both appropriate. I’d recommend a long dress (even though that isn't what I had on) because that’s more commonly worn and because it is easier to sit down in a long gown! However, if you want to wear a short dress, rock it like I did!

Judges’ Rehearsal:

Later in the week the judges will be attending a rehearsal, so I suggest looking your best so you feel your best! Something that flatters you and makes a strong statement is a must.

It is important to maintain your personal style and dress boldly while also keeping in mind if the outfit is appropriate for the occasion. Competitive Image has pieces that are perfect for these events; don’t miss out! I am excited to see the fabulous wardrobe choices in just a couple of months!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith

Miss Teen International 2014


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