What’s on your Tombstone? Part 2 – Let There Be Light!

What if I had died in a car accident on my way to Pittsburgh? There are any number of circumstances that I could have already left this earth, and do think often if headed in the direction of purpose. We are all given purpose, it is whether or not we listen to it, then act on it. A few years ago before deciding to try for Mrs. International vs continue catapulting up in the career world, the realization struck I didn’t want my Tombstone to say “ Here lies Maggi Thorne, she built a lot of buildings and had an amazing career” Where did my family fit in to that? What about friends, what about others who are hurting? The feeling began that all of the skills I’ve been entrusted with were in no short order of words going to waste.

It was an utter and complete crossroads in life, and in a way where there was no turning back once a path was chosen. Definitely an all in kind of deal of heart, soul, mind, effort, resources….everything. Both would require sacrifice, but each of different kinds. It was choosing one or the other and that was it, knowing down each path there was additional paths in the future. The paths in the future required faith and trust once choosing a road. Each leading to different tombstones. Some of us are halfway there already, some maybe even 80% and we don’t even know it….the reality, one of us could be 95% there, to our tombstone.

Why would you ever wait once more second to live the life you want? What are you waiting for? The time is now, it WILL happen, you just have to believe it will. I refuse to live the rest of my life “easy”, what crop will be bear a harvest from soil that is never burned and toiled?

People will not agree with your path. There will be critics, pessimists, doubters, but at the end of the day, the legacy you live out is yours, not theirs. The moment when it happens, when the perseverance and sacrifice culminate to a moment better than we could have ever imagined, it is beautiful. Tears shed, hurt felt, loss’s experienced, all fade away.

I’m not sure I can ever even fully put into words this moment when my name was called as Mrs. International 2014. Truly something so special and I am forever grateful for.

The experiences of traveling the world as Mrs. International has definitely changed my tombstone and my family and I are living the lives we desire to live of serving others, sacrifice, joy.

What will your Tomsbtone say? At a crossroads? Let there be light and persevere to what YOU know your calling is. Press on.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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