Growing Pains

My daughter has been having the worst growing pains. To where I have to keep kids Tylenol ready, in my nightstand along with an endless supply of Epsom salt in her bathroom. So when she wakes up screaming, I'm ready with Tylenol. I give her a salt bath and I massage her leg, until late she falls back to sleep.

In those annoying moments, where it's 2 AM, I'm exhausted and crabby, God speaks to me.

Just like my daughter Adonai Grace, my family has been experiencing "growing pains."

Ever since we moved out of our "comfort zone" in Texas, next to our friends and family, things were more difficult, but blessed! Behind every obstacle, there were blessings.

Imagine a video game, let's say Super Mario. (Cause that's what I grew up playing.) The higher the level, the more difficult it gets. Every time you defeat a level, then the obstacles become more difficult. Mario never just “hangs out” in a level, he is constantly moving forward, onto the next challenge.

As Sean and I move (literally), to the next level, we are constantly being challenged. But that's life! You can't "grow" without experiencing some "growing pains."

If you want to get the girl or guy, or you're trying to make the cut, get the scholarship, or get the promotion…. You need to take it to the next level! AND, when you experience the "growing pains" DON'T STOP! It's a good sign, your victory is coming!

Lastly, remember that nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-



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