A Preparation Letter to The Future Miss International

I recently found myself deep in thought about who you are, what you will accomplish, and the way you will spread Jesus’ love across the world through your platform. I’m currently in Charleston, WV on a PR Trip with my International family. We were able to tour all around the city you will soon see as you embark on the beautiful adventure known as Miss International 2017 Week! I cannot wait to meet you… wherever and whoever you are.

Today I stood at the exact spot on the stage in the Clay Center where you will be crowned. I’m a bit of a sap, you’ll learn that as our friendship grows. I closed my eyes and felt tears welling up. It’s bittersweet to think about that moment. After this year, I will never be the same Amanda. This organization has changed my life in more than one way and quite honestly… I’m not ready to be done.

I love this job more than anyone will ever be able to fully understand. For a year… I’ve been blessed to serve the world through my platform, Go Red for Women, and the International crown. I gave this job all of me - I have no regrets. I worked to live each day with the same excitement I had the moment I was crowned.

In the moment the crown is placed on your head… my 16 year journey will come to an end and all eyes will be on you. You’re going to shine so brightly on that night. I can’t wait to hug you, cry with you, pray with you, and support each step of your journey.

The competition is drawing closer and the countdown is dwindling… but I know that you’re a living - breathing - beautiful human that is going to do a phenomenal job. The months leading up to competition are tough, I totally get it. When you want to give up, remember why you started. This year has nothing to do with how fabulous you are and everything to do with the kind of impact you will make through your platform. As you prepare for Internationals 2017, I challenge you to prepare for job. This is a full-time commitment that blesses you more than you could ever fathom. It is a blessing to be a blessing.

Standing in your crowning spot… I prayed that you’d know how truly beautiful and capable you are. I prayed that you’d remain in a state of confident humility - confident that you can accomplish anything, but humble in that it’s a year of servitude that is not about you. I prayed that the Lord would build a fortress around your heart and that God would use you in the most spectacular ways through your platform. I prayed that you’d be the best Miss International you possibly could be.

The year will go by quicker than you’d like and a year from now… you’ll be the one crying that this incredible journey is coming to an end. Enjoy this season of your adventure and prepare your heart for the one God is about to take you on.

I believe in you.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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