What To Expect At Orientation?

It can be nerve wrecking to step into a room full of beautiful women, knowing you're gonna meet all of them as well as all of the Intl pageant staff. So what can you expect at orientation?

Expect to meet lifelong friends!

You will be meeting over 60 accomplished, compassionate, and amazingly wonderful women….Most of which, will be lifelong friends. You don't need to feel nervous, just be yourself. Have fun, get to know each and everyone of your new “sisters.”

Expect to meet Mary Richardson, Clay Spann, Joey Rutherford, Thomas Dunn and all the rest of the International staff members.

You will finally get to meet all the “greats” that make up the International Pageant staff. It's easy to feel uneasiness and experience jitters...But they're all super friendly, compassionate and excited to meet you. They understand that you're nervous, so remove any “expectations” from your mind.

Expect an icebreaker question. Last year the contestants were given a question to answer - a different question for each row of contestants. Then each individual contestant got an opportunity to answer the question.

Don't worry, all the questions were fun and easy... Have fun, answer the question honestly and from your heart.

Example: What's your biggest pet-peeve?

Expect to hear important information. You'll need to pay close attention, and listen carefully. Most of the information will be important for the week.

Towards the end of the orientation you will find out your assigned contestant number, telling you the order you will walk on stage. It's important you remember your number.

Expect to take lots of photos, so be prepared.  For that reason, you might want to use the Dunn team on that day.

And lastly, expect to have a blast! You will not be judged during orientation, don't worry your judges won't be there. That alone, should remove any stress.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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