Standing Out In Opening Number

When I was a little girl, I took a number of dance classes. I always loved recitals because I could dress up and be on stage, the only downside was the dancing part. Yes, I know that’s the point of dance recitals but as a little girl… that factor didn’t much matter to me. Dancing was fun, but I was never REALLY good at it… I was okay. I essentially have two left feet.

I come from a very gifted family. Both of my parents are musically inclined and have a wicked since of rhythm. My Momma was a band instructor and my Pops always played the piano and is actually writing the song for our Father/Daughter Dance. They both played in the Army band. So I’m not sure what happened… but my musical skill is not nearly that of my parents. When it came to recitals, I was typically off tempo… but atleast I looked cute in my little costume and had a smile from ear to ear!

With all that in mind… I knew that I needed to pull it together for the Internationals Opening Number. All though it is not scored, you still want to do your personal best and stand out for positive reasons!

1. Have FUN!

Maybe you’re like me and don’t really have a sense of rhythm, that’s okay! Just have fun with the opening number and do your best! If you miss a move, make it up and keep going. Don’t let the audience see you are frustrated… the show must go on!

2. Smile

Opening number is not the time to be “sexy”. Fierce however… is fabulous! Smile and enjoy the moment! It goes by so quickly and your radiant smile will bring the judges straight to you. If you’re nervous… fake it ’til you make it! Anyone can glue a smile on, but a genuine heart and smile will fill up the Clay Center like we’ve never seen! Think about things that make you smile and relax.

3. Energy is Everything

When you introduce yourself to the audience - your energy will set the tone for the night. Don’t just say your name into the microphone - present it! Wait until you are standing for a second to say your name and don’t walk off until you’ve looked at your judges. The little extra moments you take can show the confidence judges are looking for!

Whether you’re a trained dancer or a wanna-be and car dancer like me… opening number can be a blast! Make the most of it and enjoy every moment you have on stage! Just think, the next time you introduce yourself could be as Miss International…

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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