You Can Only Be As Good As Your Loved Ones

My father in law used to tell my husband when he was a kid, “Show me your closest 3 friends, and I’ll show you your future” and he still uses the term to all of us when it comes to business, friends, and our aspiring goals. He’s a great mentor and the saying is true. You are a representation of who you surround yourself with and what you aspire to be. That’s why I am so proud to be surrounded by such an amazing support system. To have the family, friends, business colleagues, community, all the people in my daily life I have to inspire me and to help me. Because I am a representation of them. They not only assist me in managing my every day, but they inspire me with motivation and personality traits that make me want to do my best. In every aspect of life; my faith, my work, my service, my family life. Same goes for the International Pageants, I am honored to be a representative of such a prestigious philanthropic title. But none of this would be possible without their support, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without their help. So I am only as good as THEY allow me to be.

As a “Mrs.”, Gosh we have a lot of responsibility! Wife, Mom, Boss, Co Worker, Daughter, Friend, Community Leader, the list goes on. How DO we do it all? It’s with the help of all those we surround ourselves with. Life would be very difficult for me, pretty boring actually, without all of them. For instance, my husband is picking up the responsibility of “Mr. International” this year which includes extra daddy duties and more traveling as he too wants to be there to witness these amazing experiences with me as well. My employees and coworkers pick up the extra slack the days I’m out of the office. My friends and family pick up extra play dates with the kids while we are at some evening events. My point is everyone has a role in our lives, and we’re only as half as great without them.

My Mother in Law & My Friend, Annie, helping me at the Child Advocacy Center’s Fun Run

That’s why it’s SO important to have such an amazing support staff as a Mrs. contestant, because you need that help! It would be very difficult to really make the most of your reign and impact with your platform without the extra help. You need it. The Teen and Miss girls have it allot easier if we think about it, sorry girls, but it’s the truth. As a Mrs. we manage our careers, our families, our titles, and everything we do, and we do it like rock stars! So, for all you Mrs. out there, YOU my friend, are an everyday super hero! You are amazing! But remember you couldn’t do it without all those super amazing people surrounding you. So Thank them. I know I thank my lucky stars every night for all the wonderful people that surround me. Not only for their help but for their inspiration and for molding me to the woman I am.

So If you don’t have that girlfriend that motivates you to stay on task, or that husband that encourages and reassures you everything will be just fine, or that boss or coworker that says I’ll pick up your slack no worries, it could be really tough to be a Mrs.. Know that life is a lot easier with those that support, inspire, and help you. Think about who your surrounded by, I encourage you to surround yourself with those you want to be like and that lift you. Those that just make you want to keep improving in your daily life. Those that help make every day allot easier, because YOU can only be as good as they are!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Melissa Pocza 
Your Mrs. International 2017


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