My Week at Nationals

Evelyn Tan (Mrs. Singapore International 2018) and Kyoko Honda (Mrs. Japan International 2018)

Prior to coming to West Virginia for Mrs. International, I had never experienced a National Pageant firsthand. I didn’t fully know what to expect so I relied heavily on my directors as well as previous contestants to share their knowledge about the week with me. What I was told turned out to be completely true. I was told I would be tired and somewhat sleep deprived but that I would have the best experience of my life.

Shonjrell Ladner (Mrs. Tennessee International 2018) 

When I arrived on Monday, I was a little nervous to find out who my roommate would be. I worried we might have opposite schedules or we wouldn’t bond. But I ended up with the best roommate, Crystal Barrow (Mrs. Louisiana 2018). We got along so well and bonded instantly. We had a great week together and it was nice to have her there at the end of our long days to talk and regroup.

Crystal Barrow (Mrs. Louisiana International 2018)

I loved all of our day events. Everywhere we went had so much beauty and culture that I almost forgot that we had a competition at the end of the week. But I think my favorite part of the day events were the bus rides. Those were the moments we got to relax and get to know each other. It’s also the place we created some of our best inside jokes.

Denise Engelbrecht (Mrs. South Carolina International 2018) and Morgan Bredde (Mrs. Central States International 2018)

Another great memory I have is from rehearsals. The entire production team made them fun and run smoothly. But all of my fellow contestants made them truly memorable. I know we were all nervous and anxious as we prepared for Prelims and Finals but everybody was so sweet and friendly. When I got back home, I was asked several times if I liked all the ladies and my honest answer is YES! Everyone had that special quality about them that made our week truly perfect.

Lynne Dowell (Mrs. Texas International 2018)

Misty Lee Coolidge (Mrs. Maine International 2018)

Standing on stage with the most amazing 59 women I have ever met was an honor. And to hear my name called as the one who gets to represent the Mrs. International brand for the next year, was truly unbelievable. If I could relive that moment over and over again, I would. Seeing my husband walk on stage with a big bouquet of flowers and a shocked expression was priceless. But the thing I remember the most from that moment was this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the whole experience. I’m grateful that God placed me with the class of 2018 because I wouldn’t trade my week at Mrs. International for anything!

Together We Rise,

Your Mrs. International 2018

Lauren Weeks


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