Our Most Powerful Right

One of our most powerful and impactful rights is that of the right to vote. With this right we can lead the country to a better future, depending on what your idea of better is. Voting can help us decide on some of the smallest issues like putting a new stop sign in the neighborhood, to some of the most significant topics, such as who will be our next President. We get to choose as a country on who leads us, and some people do not realize exactly how amazing this is. In some countries, the same totalitarian government has been in power for hundreds of years, and those citizens have little to no rights. Our right to vote is our right to choose, so you would think people of all ages would take advantage of this, right?

People ages 18-29 had the 2nd lowest exit poll percentage in the country for the 2016 presidential election coming in at 19%. That is a huge demographic that is not showing up to mold our nation. That age group is our future, so we need to expect more from them. My goal for this year is to bring light to the under-discussed topic of Young Voter Education. While partnering with Kids Voting USA, I plan on traveling the country and teaching young children the importance of voting. As a Political Science Major at Troy University, voting and having the knowledge to vote is something very relevant to me, and it is relevant to the country as well. 

Over the past year as Miss Teen Alabama International, I visited local elementary schools and the Boys and Girls Club to educate them on the importance of voting and knowing their candidates. I played many games with them that taught them responsibility, and we conducted mock votes with the help of some of my friends. 

Over this next year as Miss Teen International, I plan on continuing with these activities all over the country. With the help of International Pageants and Kids Voting USA, I will have the means and resources I need to educate the children of America on their most powerful right.

Stay Fiery, Bold and Beautiful

Miss Teen International 2018
Georgia Clark


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