Care for Carey 5K: Part 2

As I stated in an earlier blog post, Mrs. International is truly a job of service and together, with my family, I have the opportunity to champion many causes and ultimately change lives.

The Care For Carey 5K was held this past Saturday and the event was a HUGE success. I am so proud of my husband, Jason, for coordinating such a successful event for Carey Heavner. Carey is an 11 year old girl in our community who has cancer. To read more about Carey’s story visit her Caring Bridge

Jason & I would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out to support Carey and her family! We were truly overwhelmed with the turn-out and the support from our community.

Care for Carey 5K

Jason thanks the large crowd for coming to support Carey. The Heavner family is standing to Jason’s right

Racing to the Finish Line

Showing support for Carey. 100% of proceeds will help pay Carey’s medical bills


A HUGE “thank you” to Mrs. NC International Cynthia Griner and her family for their help on race day. Her son is pictured with Halle-Grace (above) and Cynthia’s husband, Joe, ran in the Care For Carey 5K.

Until next post, God Bless,

Shannon Devine


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