What Makes Mrs. International Smile? Clay Spann Photography

Dreams are funny things. We all have them. Some may not have the opportunity to go after their dreams. Some may be overwhelmed by circumstances and just cannot seem to find a way. Some may just feel they are only dreams and can’t be made into reality. But others actually chase after and pursue their dreams as an attainable goal. I have been blessed because my dream of being Mrs. International has come true and the experience has been, to this point, dreamlike. And one of the best things is that the perks just keep coming. I remember sitting at orientation during pageant week and listening to director, Mary Richardson, talk about the “official photo shoot for the new queen”…and last week I did just that! I had the amazing opportunity to be in front of Clay Spann’s camera and this time as Mrs. International 2010!

I will be the first to tell you that true beauty comes from the inside. But I also know that we all feel our best when we look our best. This is where Clay goes a step beyond being an expert in photography to being a masterful artist. Master painters will say they don’t paint the picture, the picture is already there. They simply bring it to life. That is the way I felt when I was in Clay’s chair. He seemed to bring the best out of me for the camera to see. He didn’t make me into something I was not, but rather found the best in me through the lens of his camera. His talent level absolutely amazes me!

In addition, it was just plain fun. I felt like a true Hollywood star during my time at the Competitive Image and had so much fun with my fabulous director, Mary Richardson, the beautiful Miss Teen International, Juliana McKee, and the entire team at the Competitive Image…Joey, Clay and Terri. Thank you all for making me feel like true royalty! It was experience of a lifetime!

Shannon Devine


  1. You look stunning as always! I am so happy for you and I am proud to be your pageant sister!
    Heidi Scheer
    Mrs. Ohio International


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