Animal Shelter Donations

This past week was National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! The 3,500 animal shelters in the U.S. deserve this special week of recognition for providing a home for strays! Unfortunately, most shelters aren’t adequate for animals to live and for people to work. Many people can't adopt but want to help, and don't know how or maybe don't have the funds to donate.  A great medium is to donate items to your local shelters! Here are some items that shelters are in desperate need of:

Cleaning supplies

Pine sol
Laundry soap
Liquid dish soap
Garbage bags 55 gal
Garbage bags 15-20 gal
Scrub brushes & siding scrub brushes
Mop heads for commercial mops
Quality Pooper Scoopers
Industrial squeegees
Paper towels
Deodorizing Sprays
Window cleaner

Office & Building supplies

Gift Certificates for Kinko's / Office Depot
Rugs/floor mats
Fans - box or other
Duct tape
Packing tape
Pens and pencils
White Printer Paper

Animal Supplies

Dry Adult Food
Dry Puppy/Kitten Food
Canned Food

The weather is getting colder and we are piling on more jackets to stay warm! Animals do have fur but they need and extra jacket, like us! Another way to show the shelter some appreciation is to do a towel/blanket/linen drive. Play Santa and donate dog and cat toys! Pets need your love too!

Jurnee’s Journey mascot and my dog, Chi-Chi, says, “Thanks for caring for my friends!”

Jurnee Carr


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