Title Wear: My New Obsession

Slightly Obsessed?

Love my new duds. Thank you to Title Wear.

As Mrs. Illinois International, I was given some great gifts from sponsors. One of those was from Title Wear. I ordered the tricot jacket and have since worn it more times than I can count. Seriously, I am wearing it right now.

During our week at Mrs. International, we were all given a Port Authority jacket, hat and goodies from Title Wear and other wonderful sponsors. I was beyond thrilled to learn that as Mrs. International, I was gifted a very generous package including a lush terry robe and a perfect sized tote from Title Wear. This year I have already been a part of walks and other events that are athletic or much more casual. A cocktail dress or gown simply wouldn’t do! I am now covered, literally.

Title Wear has a number of items with crowns and bling, however, as an official sponsor of Mrs. International, they are also the only company to offer items with the International logo. I ordered my favorite tricot jacket in blue as it’s the color which represents child abuse and CASA. I also got it in red which will be put to much use for many Go Red for Women events! My new favorite find, which I adore, is the hooded coat. It is a longer length… perfect for covering up the backside! And the tricot pants are a perfect alternative for the non-forgiving yoga pants I often stare down in my closet when finding something to wear for a fundraising event. Try ‘em; you’ll love ‘em.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International



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