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Many of you know that I left my full-time job after being crowned Miss New York International in order to create significant social impact. With the mindset that God called me to serve and promote selfless volunteer acts, he would also provide when the time was right for me to re-join the professional world.

In the past I had dabbled in careers in higher education, financial services, sales, and technology – but I still could not picture my life in the long term. However, my involvement with the International Pageant system has made my passion clear. Why can’t I be a “professional volunteer” for my entire life? It became obvious to me that I belonged in the non-profit sector, serving an organization with a strong mission to improve quality of life.

Since the official philanthropy of the International Pageants is the American Heart Association, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many chapters of the AHA nationwide and attend all sorts of traditional and innovative events that the AHA holds in each market. Not only that, during media tours I am expected to speak about their mission and I truly have to know my stuff! Statistics and facts have not only become talking points for me, but have worked their way into my own personal mission.

I am honored and proud to say that I have officially joined the American Heart Association in Buffalo, NY and have taken on the position of Heart Walk Director! Each choice and sacrifice has brought me to this place and I am so grateful that my faith in God’s plan has allowed me to stay grounded and focused on doing His good works day in and day. He will provide!

A look into my involvement (thus far) with the AHA

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  1. They have certainly gained an invaluable asset! Congratulations Jesse!


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