Learning Experiences

As some of you may know, my sisters were recently robbed at gunpoint. They were going to the gas station one night to get a slushy. When Madison got out of the car, Payton saw two men approaching them. She urged Madison to get back in the car, but it was too late. Two robbers demanded their wallets with a gun pointed to my sister’s head and ran off after they got what they wanted.

My mom said something to us all that really stuck with me. She said, “If this isn't a learning experience for us then all it will be ever is a bad experience.” There are lots of bad things that happen to people- that’s just life. But what we make of the unexpected, hard times is what really matters.

They were interviewed on multiple local news stations, and I truly believe that people will look at this horrible situation and learn to be more cautious and aware of their surroundings. Check out my Facebook page for the video of one of the interviews. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and love sent to my family!

Next time life presents you with a bad situation, learn from it and let it make you a better person. I am proud of my sisters for being so brave and becoming stronger after this hardship!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014


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