Your Platform Statement

If you are lucky enough to make the top 10 at nationals, the first thing you will compete in is Onstage Question! Remember that this is now 40% of your score on finals nights! This can make or break you! While I have already harped on the importance of actually answering the question you are asked, I wanted to take some time to discuss your platform statement.

The pageant host will give you 30 seconds to recite your platform statement in front of the audience before asking you your actual question. You are judges on your delivery, content, and overall impression on both answers. You should practice your 30 second speech with a stopwatch until you know that you can deliver it without going over. Remember that the stress and nerves of that night can make you speak faster or slower. So, please do take that into consideration.

When referring to your “platform” onstage, please use the name of your platform, do not say my “platform” It sounds disconnected and impersonal. In those 30 seconds you want to get across :
  1. Why You choose your platform
  2. What is your platform
  3. What are you doing for your platform
I know a lot of ladies also like to plug in what they will do with the crown if they are to win, while I don’t mind this, I didn’t add it to mine, I knew the next question would be about if I won, So I knew I could plug in my plan there.

While statistics are catchy and nice, be mindful of your time. A judge would much rather hear about your personal connection to a cause then a list of statistics. Be sure to have an ending sentence that ties everything together and lets the host know that you are finished! You will get time to practice this once onstage during rehearsals. I suggest you use that time to your advantage!

Ignite your spark!

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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