My Plans as Mrs. International 2016

I am so humbled and overjoyed to be your Mrs. International 2016.

My husband and I are fully committed to our platform "Choose Love". We believe that now, more than ever, we need a message of love.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is so much that I want to do this year as your Mrs. International, but I want to start by saying, “this is more than just a year of service to my husband and I…It's a life-long commitment!”

Ever since I can remember, I've LOVED children. My favorite toys as a child, were always baby dolls. When I was 6, my mom had my little brother, David. And I was in love with my new "doll". I remember getting in trouble A LOT after that, I was constantly getting caught holding my new baby brother. Yup, a BIG no-no, without supervision.

Growing up in church, I would always find a baby in the congregation, and I would ask to hold him. I remember staring at them, so in love, and holding them the entire church service.

It's safe to say, this was a God-given love and compassion placed on my heart, at an early age. I see that same heart in my youngest daughter, Adonai Grace.

That compassion, is the driving force that fuels my desire to stop the abandonments of babies.

Millions of babies are being abandoned on a global level! And together, I believe we CAN stop the abandonments of babies. As Mrs. International, THAT will be my number one focus. To spread awareness internationally, to educate internationally, and to internationally- prevent the abandonments of babies.

I'm currently partnered with Impact Ministries International, who has 55 different orphanages, in 15 different countries. We built three orphanages in Honduras with their ministry (who runs them.) We are working together in hopes to put baby boxes at all their 55 orphanages. This is a HUGE undertaking- and we covet your prayers.

Abandonments are still happening here, in the US, even with Safe Haven Laws in all 50 states. My next goal is to help Safe Haven Baby Boxes grow into every state. I believe that, THAT is what we are missing in the US! Mothers can safely surrender their babies at any Safe Haven location and not have to face child abandonment charges. However, there are still abandonments happening, and I believe it’s because mothers are afraid of being seen. And this (baby boxes) is the only way that we can remove that face-to-face interaction.

Lastly- I plan to continue spreading the message of "Choose Love " to schools, speaking on bullying and choosing to love others – through giving-back and volunteerism. Speaking to couples on “true love, unconditional love, and forgiving love.” To families, speaking on “parenting in love, patience and kindness.” By supporting my sister queens and their causes. And by helping build families through adoption, and fostering.

I believe in investing in our future generations, and LOVE is the answer. Because when we "Choose Love " we choose God, and His way is ALWAYS the right way.

I’m your Mrs. International, reminding you - to choose love,



  1. Your family is AMAZING....I am so happy for you and your husband.... Thank you for Making a Difference..I too CHOOSE I believe in the end result...FAMILY MADE!

    1. Thank you Sherry! That makes e so happy to hear! God bless you!


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